Sunrise Over The Beach

Just wanted to share another quick photo from my vacation!  Today’s is my last day on Amelia Island, so I took advantage of the day and got up with the sunrise.  In LA we get plenty of beautiful sunsets over the ocean, so it was extra special to watch the sunrise on the opposite side of the country!


  1. Beautiful! Enjoy!!! And be careful coming home.

  2. I was just thinking that. I’ve seen plenty of sunsets in the last year, all beautiful, but I haven’t witnessed too many sunrises in my time. Beautiful!

  3. This is a gorgeous photo, Alexis. Hope you’re enjoying the last few moments of your vacay!

  4. Beautiful photo!! I live on the West coast of Puerto Rico so I would like to see more sunrises, and not of the picture kind.

    Take care and have fun!

  5. What a gorgeous sunset! Enjoy your last day of holiday but hey remember that you live in the fabulous LA!!!!

  6. BUT did you get any pictures of the beach and the house in the day time?

    Yer killin me, smalls, yer killin me…

  7. Stunning photo! I’d take a sunrise or a sunset over the ocean anyday… I usually get a sunrise over the motorway :-(.

  8. That looks totally gorgeous!

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