Wine Of The Week (63)

I am really enjoying my vacation time- so much so that I **almost** forgot this week’s wine.  But I didn’t—so you can all relax. ( I can already hear you sighing in relief)

Wine time!

Domaine de la Pepiere Cabernet Franc “La Pepie” Vin de Pays du Val de Loire, 2009 is David’s pick this time.  Why?  Well, as David explains, “Its got a chicken on the label.  An angry chicken.  If no other reason, buy it for that.  It’s also delish.  So yummy, light and easy.  Not franky at all(that means overly green peppery and vegetal).  People who like light pinots will like it.”  You can pick up a bottle for $16.


  1. When in doubt, go for the bottle with the most interesting label, I say!

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