Wine Of The Week (64)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!  I’ve been back in LA since Thursday and am still struggling with jetlag… enough about that!

I am going to cut to the chase and share this week’s wine, because let’s be honest, wine is much more intersting than my sleep patterns.

David has selected the 2010 Pierre et Catherine Breton “La Ritournelle” Anjou Rosé this good time bubbly rosé may possess some of the same characteristics as a champagne, but don’t be fooled!  “Unlike champagne they don’t add a dosage (sugar) and put a cork in. Like champagne, they let the secondary fermentation happen in the bottle, but then they just leave the bottle cap on and ship it out.”

As for the taste?  Well you may have to fight David for the bottle who says he can “drink 5 bottles of the stuff.”  You can expect to pay about $20 per bottle.



  1. Sooo. . .is it sweet? Or no, since they don’t add the sugar?

  2. I only drink sweet wines. However if it bubbles you can always add a sugar cube it will help stop the fizz as well as sweeten the drink.

  3. Oh, I’m definitely up for trying this one out!

  4. Someone saying that they can drink 5 bottles of the stuff is a good sign. Plus I am all for affordable wine!

  5. Ahh thanks for sharing…Wine is my guilty indulgence, well that and shopping 😉


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