A Visit To Melrose Trading Post

This weekend I had a friend visiting from Atlanta and, while I refuse to do touristy things, I will do quintessential LA things.  One of those things was a trip to the Melrose Trading Post yesterday.

The Trading Post is a giant outdoor flea market, with tons of vendors.  It runs all day every Sunday and you can find just about anything there.  We figured it would be fun to wonder around and see if we got lucky.

Some displays were pretty…

…some less so…

But I did get lucky!  Behold, my deer:

Pretty great, right?  Remind you of something? And they’ve already found a place in my home:

Tell me, did you have any fun adventures this weekend?



  1. oh the deer figurines are so pretty. Wish I had found something that awesome when I went. Great buy!

  2. Oh very pretty! Although my first thought is they don’t seem that travel-friendly should you ever need to pack them up, haha. Anyway, I love a good find, am always hauling things home and the local fleamarket is next week, so looking forward to that!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. No fun adventures during the weekend :(

    I love the deers!

  4. Oh wow…that place looks amazing. Love your scores!

  5. No fun this weekend. I’ve been terribly sick! So, if you consider wasting away in bed….LOL
    Looks like you had a good time and I love those deer!

  6. Love the brass deer. I am so into brass chotchzkes these days. Great find!

  7. Looks like fun! Those brass deer are lovely. My weekend was sadly filled with lots of chicken noodle soup and Kleenex. Darn late winter colds!

  8. I like this place!! I see a lot of interesting things!!!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  9. I would have such fun there! And love the brass deer. Great find. :)

  10. I love that you display stuff upon books!

  11. That looks like a great weekend. Yes, I went to a wine festival, but didn’t buy much. Some Olive Oil Ithink.

  12. this looks like so much fun! love those horsies

  13. I love flea markets and swap meets. Can’t wait for the spring to come. We don’t have much fun these days given the circumstances….still lots of healing ahead of us, but soon….

  14. i love the looks of this place!! and i love your vintage finds!!

  15. OMG, that picture of Lukus! LMAO! (Love that place, btw)

  16. i love seeing you in your everyday life. fun! hmmmm. . .fun times this weekend at the softball park! I love this time of year!

  17. This looks like my kind of place. The deer *are* a fun find!

  18. I really like the deer! I have a thing for scarves too – )

  19. love you for posting this! this is going on my list of things to do in LA- ASAP!

  20. Love your deer! They’re very “you”. Do you know I live walking distance from that flea market and I’ve NEVER gone! In fact, i used to run the Fairfax High track and walk past all the vendors thinking “I should go there one day…”

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