Alice Dellal For Chanel

Whoever says Chanel is only for your mother (or grandmother), is sorely mistaken.  Karl Lagerfeld has surprised the fashion set by selecting model Alice Dellal as the face of the new Chanel Boy bag.

Why is this shocking—- well, to begin with Alice’s head is half-shaved.   But that’s not all!  Alice is also in a drummer in an all-girl punk band.  I guess it goes to show, Chanel has street cred!!!

I thought I would share the silent (very) short film My New Friend Boy by Karl Lagerfeld, staring Alice Dellal.  It was created as part of the Chanel Boy bag ad campaigns.

Then, check out this Refinery 29 interview with Alice Dellal on meeting Karl, making the video and her thoughts on Chanel.


What do you think of Alice Dellal for Chanel?


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  1. Chanel getting edgier! From what I saw without “sound” I really like this girl. Fresh approach.

  2. I freaking love her – bravo to Chanel for stepping outside of the norm!

  3. Love her hair! And totally agree with her attitude towards “comfort”.

  4. As much as I have a problem with Karl Lagerfeld on a purely personal/social issues level, the short film was fantastic and really different than the ad campaigns we’re all used to seeing.

  5. What an awesome, unique model!

  6. This video is outstanding and I think that karl lagerfeld is a genius!

  7. I’ll always love Chanel. For this I think that she’s a good choice, an interesting model.

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