Daffodil Yellow

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day (regardless of whether or not you’re a fan!).  I am not crazy big on the holiday, so things were low-key here. Just dinner.  Oh and flowers.  Lukus bought me a lovely bouquet and also a potted plant of mini daffodils.

Daffodils have a special meaning for me.  They are my dad’s favorite flowers and are rumored to be able to talk— but only if you listen carefully…

Even if you don’t believe that these flowers can talk, you may be enamored by their bright color.  I mean seriously, doesn’t this bright yellow just chase those winter blues away?

Here are my daffodil-inspired picks:

Where To Shop:
Zac Posen “Belted Poplin Dress” ($423.50)
Topshop “Soda Ankle Strap Wedges ($144)
Sabine “Tribal Necklace” ($26)
Jil Sander “Leather Clutch” ($750)
Zero + Maria Cornejo “Sail Dress” ($895)

Would you wear daffodil yellow?

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  1. Happymother says:

    I really thought about buying some yellow clothes. Right now it is so cold and we’ve got 30 cm snow. I love the flowers too!

  2. Sunny hues always perk me up! Love!

  3. I love daffodils. They are just like bundles of sunshine. Hmmm, are they rumored to talk because they’re named after the Narcissus/Echo myth? I’ll have to google that. I love daffodil yellow for clothing, but sadly don’t feel that it goes with my skin tone.

  4. Definitely ready for spring & those yellow wedges are saying spring to me :)

  5. I don’t think I can pull off yellow. But I love the style.

  6. I can’t do yellow! But always appreciated the bright color.

  7. I have always loved yellow, but tend to go with the ‘mustard’ side of yellow for myself. Yellow in any shade is extremely eye-catching. No wonder the insect life love it so much!

  8. I don’t think I’d heard daffodils can talk…. I’ll be remembering that!

  9. I’m gonna need one of everything. Yellow has been all on my mind lately. And daffodils are my sisters fave. So I have a sweet spot for them myself.

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