Drawing Inspiration From McQueen

Rarely do I find an editorial so enthralling that I have the urge to hang it on my wall or to save it as inspiration.  Even less frequently does an ad have this effect on me.

But today, I’ve found the exception.

The Alexander McQueen S/S 2012 Ad Campaign— specifically this image:

I find it utterly breathtaking—it feels ethereal, vintage, organic, and science fiction all at once.  Does that even make sense?!


Tell me, do you have an inspiration board/folder/whatever?  What’s your favorite item on/in it?


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  1. Your description so makes sense and I agree with you 100%. Love it!

  2. Yes! Love it! Soooo pretty!

    p.s. saturday–late brunch or lunch?

    xo mary jo

  3. Oh, that’s lovely! I love when fashion captures your attention and speaks to you like that. I’m hoping to make an inspiration board soon – I’ve been cutting pages out of magazines for a while, I just haven’t done anything else with it yet!

  4. Looking at it through a photographer’s lense, it is a breathtaking photo. Well done indeed.

  5. Interesting. It doesn’t do a whole lot for me, but I see what you mean. I really should have an inspiration folder; I think that would be so fun and a great reference!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous and stunning is right. Would love this framed in my office!

  7. That is a really interesting picture. Your description of it was spot on, especially the science fiction aspect which applies right around the head and neck area, I think. It looks kind of alien-esque.

  8. Gorgeous! I do have a vision board in my office and few inspiration folders….mine are for decorating and baking.As fo favorite item….it changes weekly,lol

  9. The background and the haziness of it is probably my favorite part, and well, how the red pops against it, too.

  10. It is a stunning picture and I can see why you would hang it on your wall.

  11. This is seriously amazing. That hand piece is to die for.

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