Laptop Bag Chic: The Matt & Nat Ritual

I travel around with a lot of electronics.  So, if I can find a bag that looks good, while protecting my stuff, my heart skips a beat.  That is the case with this laptop bag.  It is lined so it will protect my laptop, plus the style is understated-cool and doesn’t feel overly structured.  It is actually a bag I would carry, even on days where my computer isn’t accompanying me.

OH!  And for those of you who prefer vegan fashion options- Matt & Nat is all-vegan and they do so without giving up on the chic.

I have seen it in a variety of finishes, but because I am also currently craving a navy bag, this one is pretty great!  Then again, if it came in white….


Matt & Nat “Ritual” Laptop Bag ($195)


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  1. OO I love it! This is the best vegan leather option I’ve seen. I am all for chic-afying ones electronic accessories :-)

  2. Love that bag! I was just thinking I needed a trendy laptop bag too.

  3. I have the same problem with electronics but I am still searching for the perfect bag to fit it all! this one is cute tho

  4. I love Matt & Nat! The bags are really cute and I love this one!

  5. Great laptop bag! Gosh, I should really start to look at them. That way when I’m out and about I can just stop in and have it.

  6. I love Matt & Nat since the first day they came out and by now I have pretty good collection of their awesome bags, but I don’t have a laptop bag….I think I need this one.

  7. i need a bag. great suggestion.

  8. They always have such quality bags! Love them! xo

  9. I really like that bag! I don’t carry my laptop with my much, but I’d certainly consider this bag for everyday purse usage.

  10. I can’t believe that’s a laptop bag… It’s so chic! Love Matt & Nat!

  11. Thanks for your sweet comment, muffin. This is an awesome bag and sounds like a great company!

  12. Oh my gosh that is really great! It looks like a normal purse. love it.

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