Ponchos and Friends

Last night my lovely friends Jessica and Jay joined Lukus and I for dinner and a haircut.  That’s right.  Jess, (who you’ve met here and here and here) knowing that I can barely see through my bangs and that my ends are getting rather straggly, brought along her scissor to give me a quick trim.

It was quite a lovely evening- complete with a great dinner (if I do say so myself), lots of laughing and a little guitar.

Jess was wearing a pretty great poncho and I just had to share it, along with some of her accessories:


Are you a fan of ponchos?

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  1. Jessica’s Poncho is gorgeous! I have been on the hunt for a perfect poncho, and her’s definitely takes the cake.

  2. I remember being a little girl and looooving this pretty little white poncho my Mamaw had crocheted for me. So, yes, I love ponchos. I purchased one a couple months ago and it is soo comfy. Its like wearing a blanket around, minus the funny looks from people.


  4. LOVE ponchos! This one looks extra cuddly and is so colorful – what a gorgeous fashion statement!

  5. Love her poncho and her fabulous finger candy!

  6. ooooh I love her poncho!!! I want it too!!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. Gorgeous poncho! I am a big fan of ponchos especially since they hide certain imperfections of mine,lol

  8. I do like ponchos and loved them as a little girl too. The last one I’ve ever worn was one of those plastic disposable ones years ago though. Maybe time to keep an eye out for a cool poncho like this one! :)

  9. Oh, she can totally pull that poncho off!!! Sounds like a fun night =)

  10. I had a poncho when I was little. Its funny how things come around again.

  11. :-) Before you even mentioned her poncho I was like “Oooooo love!” that is cute! I like ponchos’s but I fear in my current state they’ll make me look bigger than I am 😉

  12. I think it depends on the poncho. Some are made REALLY well and some are just not good at all and it is all a matter of material etc.

  13. Love her look! Sounds like a fun night. I’ll be in touch via e-mail about our own plans, hopefully happening sooner than later!

  14. Not a fan myself but she wears it so well!! Some people can make them look awesome. She nailed it. Where did her gold weave band come from??/curious

  15. I do like a Poncho. I have a few, though I NEVER wear them. Such a shame.

  16. Totally a fan of ponchos! And that was a good one!

  17. I don’t usually wear ponchos but it’s not because I don’t like them. I do like them on other people! Your friend’s is beautiful.

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