Shockingly Pink

Don’t adjust your screen.  Yes This is North on Harper and you are about to see a whole lot of color!

So, I am not much of a Valentine’s Day gal (really I only get into Christmas and Birthdays).  But for some reason, here I am with a post inspired by the holiday.

I’ve collected some of my favorite shocking pink finds (no, not the blush tones I am drawn to!) to get you in the spirit.

Where To Shop:
J.Brand “Pink Skinny Jeans” ($175)
Amanda Uprichard “Petal Skirt in Hot Pink” ($193)
Diane von Furstenberg “Meiko Top” ($298)
DV by Dolce Vita “Archer Flats” ($69)
ASOS “Pencil Dress with Square Neck” ($35.81)
TOPSHOP “Oversize Zip Side Tee” ($60)
Gorjana “Graham Leather Studded Wrap” ($49)

Confession: I am not sure that I am ready to commit to a pink this bright… but I think this was step one in giving it a shot!

Tell me, how do you feel about hot pink?  And Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Valentine’s Day? I love the holiday. We always do a little something as a family. Pink? I’m on the fence with pink. Its most definitely not my favorite color. However, I have come to terms with the fact the color does tend to go quite well with my skin tone, so I do wear it.

  2. Whoa!!! Pink overload. LOL =) Loving the different tones of pink and how they are still bright.

  3. I’m not sure WHAT has gotten into me… I am wearing my Barbie pink poncho at this very minute. (I swore I’d never wear that color after 5 years at Mattel). I also ordered a pink cover for my new iPad. It’s s-c-a-r-y.

  4. Like I said in a recent post, I was turned off of pink for a while because of the whole breast-cancer ribbon thing! But now I love it 11 months of the year — just not in October.

  5. I love pink and with my skin ton, bright pinks look really great on me!

    I’m just not sure I would wear the pink skinny jeans…

  6. I love the dress and the sandals and also love pink!

  7. That DVF top is crazy gorgeous!

  8. I can’t pull off the bright bright pink color, it tends to flush me out, but the light pink brings out the color in my cheek and eyes 😉

    I’m feeling Valentine’s Day inspired myself these past few days….

  9. omg, am i on the right blog!? I am moving on into tangerine these days, but i always like a good dose of bright pink mixed with it.

    xo mary jo

  10. I love pink as you can see from my blog and I got married on Valentines Day, so I guess I love the holiday. I love the fashions you showed us, I love the skirt and dress.

  11. Oh, pretty! I never wear hot pink, but I think it looks gorgeous on other people. For myself I think the only colors I wear are the occasional cobalt and various shades of green. Otherwise my wardrobe’s hopelessly grayscale. I’m such a New Yorker!

  12. i loooove this color!! Nice pics especially the skirt!

  13. I love pink and most hot colors. As for Valentines, actually I think it’s rather a bogus holiday and never get too excited out it :-) Though I suppose it does give us a distracting something to do during February.. But the pink I’m all for!

  14. It’s such a nice colour :) great inspiration!

  15. I love the pink skinny jeans & belt! I would definitely wear those!!

    From Brooklyn with love,


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