The Public Trust Video Release Party

Last night was the music video release for “Might As Well” from the band The Public Trust.  Lukus and I were excited to go out and support our friends from the band.

The party was great and after watching the video on a giant screen, the guys got up and played.  The music is an eclectic rock style with strong blues and r&b influences.  Easy to rock out to and completely infectious.

The Public Trust is:
Mike Rossi- Vocals
Tyler Fascett- Lead Guitar
Dallas Ybarra- Percussion
Ben Bostick- Guitar/ Harmonica
Jordan Goldenberg- Bass/Keys

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  1. You and Lukus look so cute! :) Looks like a lot of fun. I love live music.

  2. I love that kind of evening!!! Lovely picture of you and Lukus! I look forward to watch the video!

  3. Definitely sounds like a great night out!

  4. You 2 look great together!! It must have been an amazing night!!

  5. How incredible – you get to go to the coolest things! Just thinking I wouldn’t know what to wear to a music “gig” (sorry do they call them that still or am I in the Eighties?) that top looks great on you.

  6. Lovely photos and …. You and your man look really good together :)

  7. Nice photos, I love learning about new music. I will have to check them out. Meanwhile, you two look hip and gorgeous. -xo

  8. That is a great picture of you & Lukus!

  9. You two look adorable! Sounds like great time was had by all…

  10. Sounds like a fun time – great photo of you two!

  11. Very cute picture and looks like you had a nice time and gave them some publicity.

  12. You and Lukas look so cute! I love going out to hear music, I need to do it more–can’t wait to hear their video!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. I love live Music :) Love your dress too, it definitely sounds like everyone had a great time!

  14. WOO! I am all about supporting the creative efforts of others! :)

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