The Right To Bare Legs

Remember how back during the Feb. 5th Wine Of The Week post where I excitedly shared the warm (80s) and sunshiny weather in LA? Yeah, well, ‘tis no more.  Instead it has been gloomy and rainy the last few days.  Fortunately, living in Southern California I know it can’t last forever.

So I will share photos from one of those days.  One where bare legs seemed completely appropriate (and possibly even necessary).  And I will hope for such days to return soon!

What are you looking forward to wearing as the weather warms?

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  1. The same things as you, I’m sure. Bare legs, sandals, sun dresses, warm breezes, sitting on the porch…. *sigh*

  2. I love seeing your gorgeous face on here Alexis! I wish I had the right to bear legs right now, but between cold weather, ghost white legs and bruises from the gym, I pity the person that would have to see mine :-) You have some stunning stems though!

  3. shorts! i am a big shorts wearer and really need to get a bunch of new ones as my j crew ones have all shrunk (or maybe I need to lose weight). hope all is well–can’t wait to hear how everything shakes down.

    xo mary jo

  4. I have to say, I absolutely LOVE your shoes/sandals! I think I am too old to wear a short dress like that, but when I was younger, no problem. Love it!

  5. Those shoes are amazing! I have shoe envy like mad now! It will months (months I tell you) before it’s bare leg weather around here, but it’s fun to think of it being that warm somewhere!

  6. I love these new style shots you’re doing! gorgeous of course! Hhmmm, let’s see I want to bring out every last one of my sandals … always one of my favourite items to wear!

  7. I am missing LA so much, i love the city and the weather…I fell in love with that dress…..

    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  8. You look fantastic, the dress is great, shoes fabulous But what I *really* want is that bag!!!!!

  9. You have such a great style and look to pull it off in. Gorgeous!

  10. Love your whole outfit and the shoes…fabulous!!

  11. So cute! Love the bag. Love the shoes. Love the dress.

    I can’t wait to show my legs as well. And umm. . . a little cleavage. It’s my best asset:)

  12. It got really cold didn’t it! I’m looking forward to floral prints ad flirty dresses, but in the meantime ill stick to my tweed! You look adorable by the way. Who took the photos?

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