Treasures From Barneys Warehouse Sale

Despite skipping Fashion Week this season, I still partook in another beloved fashion event: the semi-annual Barneys Warehouse Sale.

That’s when Barney’s marks down its delectable inventory drastically (up to 75% off).  The sale happens right around Fashion Week each season and takes place both in Los Angeles and New York.

Lukus and I headed over to the LA Convention Center this past Saturday for day 1 of the event.  And, after braving the grabbing and lines, we left victorious.

Okay, Lukus left victorious, I left with an honorable mention.  His big find was a BOSS suit, while mine was a sheer navy Araks dress…

Either way, we are both excited to integrate our latest finds into our existing wardrobes…

Tell me, do you have any sales you look forward to?

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  1. hooray! these are some awesome scores girl – so excited to see the Araks dress in action! (Also LOVING that mint top).

  2. Sounds like an awesome sale! Sad I missed it!

  3. Man, I’d give anything to make a day out of shopping again. =)

  4. I so wish I could have gone! I’ll continue to live vicariously through you! Nice buys =)

  5. Great buys! All sales are over around where I live.

  6. That Akris dress sounds fab! Can’t wait to see it!! I used to be an avid j crew sale shopper but have pretty much all the basics i need these days–if I splurge it’s for the editorial pieces and those ones usually sell out and never go on sale, so to quote my dad, I usually try to avoid going broke saving money, but know that’s very against the trend of the flash sale, etc.

    Hope you had a great valentine’s day!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. I can’t stand going into the shops and people rustling around looking for the best bargain… Staying at home, I spend far less. My hubby would have a fit because I have far too much clothing as it is. I would love to sell everything or give it away, and only buy what I REALLY want! sigh …. if only :)

  8. I love any kind of sale! Those little red clearance tags draw me like crazy :-)

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