Wine Of The Week: Scala Ciro’ Rosso Classico

First Sunday in February!  Although with the weather we’ve had in Los Angeles you may not guess it.  Don’t get me wrong— I enjoy our mild winters, but that isn’t to say that 80*F/26*C doesn’t seem wrong…

That’s where this week’s wine comes in.  David picked a wine that he says is “both wintery and summery at the same time.”  My guess is this has something to do with the wine coming out of Calabria (the toe of Italy’s boot), which also enjoys a mild winter.  So what is this mystery wine?  It is the Scala Ciro’ Rosso Classico.  I found it online for about $18 a bottle!


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  1. That’s not a bad price!

  2. Another interesting wine to try!


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