Chanel’s “The Little Black Jacket”

One of the most highly anticipated fashion books is the upcoming “The Little Black Jacket: Chanel’s classic revisited” by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld.  The book will showcase Chanel’s iconic tweed jacket as worn by different famous individuals.

I am super excited about this book, as I am sure the images will speak as much about the Chanel tweed jacket (and its varying forms from season-to-season) as it will about personal style.  After all, something tells me the interpretation of this iconic piece will be different from image to image.

Recently Chanel released a video sharing a behind the scene’s look at the Making Of “The Little Black Jacket”:


Does this behind the scenes look intrigue you?


1) Image via, Photo by Monica Feudi/
2) Video via YouTube, by Chanel


  1. Wow, that will be fabulous, such an iconic wee jacket. It think if you spend the money it lasts many lifetimes. Have to say SJP abs are impressive!

  2. What a fun idea. It is pretty amazing that LBJ works with *all* of those outfits!

  3. I want one of those. Lately I’ve been really into little coats. One I can grab and not feel so bulky in but take off just as easily for these can’t make up our mind weather days.

  4. I want one! This is so me!

  5. I didn’t like the jacket in the image in this post, but after seeing the behind the scenes video and all of the different styling going on for it, I like it a lot more. I’m a fan of simpler items, which I think is why I’m usually turned off by over the top styling and what is normally seen as “high fashion.” Also, I love me some Sarah Jessica Parker!

  6. Wow, this is sure to be a beautiful book!

  7. That jacket is stunning, and I really enjoyed the behind the scenes video.

  8. I am so excited to see it! I have always, and I mean always since I was 10 years old, have wanted to own a Chanel jacket. And the behind the scenes glimpse was fabulous! What a cast of beauties!

  9. Great !!

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  10. I wanna. Heck this out

  11. I need to see this puppy. I’ve been read about it all over the internets. Looks fab!

  12. I’m intrigued by everything to do with Karl Lagerfeld, I will definitely be getting this book!

    xo Mary Jo

    p.s. So glad you like the bags–you will need one to settle into your new town, lol!

  13. Oh I loved this video. I’ll be waiting for the book!

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