Inside Erin Fetherston’s Closet

I have a fetish.  For closets.  Love them.  Any opportunity to look in a beautifully designed closet and I am there.  I would give up a kidney for a giant closet.  Okay. That isn’t truth.  But, I really do love them!!

So, when I discovered these photos from Erin Fetherston’s closet I was a very excited girl.  Erin Fetherston is known for her ultra feminine designs and her S/S 2012 Collection is no exception.   There are about a million dresses that could easily find a place in my boudoir.

See what I mean?!?!?  Very pretty!  And, not surprisingly, her closet is equally charming!

Take a look to see what I mean:

Tell me, what do you think of Erin Fetherston’s closet?

Photo 1: Thomas Kletecka / Courtesy of Erin Fetherston via, Editing by Alexis Grace/North On Harper
Photos 2-4: Apt with LSD: Erin Fetherston by Claiborne Swanson Frank, from (Check out more images from her place there!)


  1. so true! love her hangers and the little cloche hat. such a pretty closet!

  2. i have a custom walk in closet I designed and I love it. When I finally move out it’ll be my most missed room. I have been debating on looking at two bedrooms just to have the walk in custom closet feel again

  3. I wish I had a closet like this one. It’s awesome, I love it! Her dresses are great too!

  4. She’s so adorable, I remember when she first started out. I love her feminine designs and what a beautiful closet , band love the fresh flowers as an added touch! I always need a huge closet … a must!

  5. You’ve just introduced me to a designer I could see wearing!! Absolutely beautiful style =) love love love!

  6. omg, i have such an obsession with closets! I finally just had the built in that came with my house ripped out (it was slightly crooked) and had a new light put it…so much better! Love Erin Fetherston!

    xo mary jo

    p.s. glad i’m not the only one missing the green thumb gene!

  7. and when can i move in?

  8. I dream of having a walk-in someday. Erin has always been a favorite designer of mine, and her hair is always impeccable. She exudes class & style. Color me inspired!

  9. I want a closet big enough to put a chair in (a lounge chair) and to relax and watch tv. That’s the ultimate “me” space!

  10. This is beyond dreamy. Swoon!

  11. Her closet is so dreamy. I’ve seen these pics before and they bowl me over everytime!

  12. what a beautiful closet! i love erin fetherstons stuff

  13. I love those clothes and the closet. I dream of one like that.

  14. One of my greatest desires in life is a big, walk in and sit down closet. Right now I have a tiny 1920’s closet and I find it very frustrating. Sigh.

  15. Beautiful. I love my walk in closet with its two little windows (I figure I could escape through one if I had to :-) and lock on the door. Mine, however, seems always to be crowded with “to sort” and “to do” stacks. Thus is life with five kids and a packrat mom!

  16. its a bit too crampy,id prefer a really spacious walk inn closet that hv a small runway in the center,finger crossed

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