Jecca & Loxi

As I find myself getting more interested in photography, I thought it would be fun to share an old snapshot:

This one is of my cousin and I.  We were only 2 months apart, but I was much smaller.  The dog in the photo was named Flossie and belonged to my grandmother.

At that age my cousin and I did everything together.  My parents always tell stories about the trouble we would get into.  And despite what the photo suggests, I have often been accused of being the ringleader.  (Naturally, I have no recollection of being anything but an angel)

As kids, we couldn’t pronounce each other’s name.  Jessica became Jecca and Alexis became Loxi.  I still call her Jecca to this day!  (Fortunately, my nickname evolved to Lexi and/or Lex)


Here’s hoping your Thursday is full of smiles and happy memories…


  1. Aww… this is adorable! I have a photo of my cousin and I when were around that age with pacifiers in our mouths. It’s always fun to look back at photos of people you are still that close to.

  2. How sweet! Thanks so much for sharing that adorable photo. Must have brought back a bunch of wonderful memories. :)

  3. How precious!! I love the feisty little moment caught here. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Happymother says:

    I love this picture. I am one of the fortunate person who really remembers both of you. It was always a pleasure for me to play with both of you. I remember two little angels!!!

  5. OMG you both look adorable, this picture is such a sweet memory!!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. I too had a cousin that I did everything with. Then we got married and she moved to Georgia. We just reconnected after several years. I missed those days.

  7. Awww soooo cute! How is Jecca, and what brought this post on?

  8. Awwww, what a sweet picture….I love little walks down the memory lane.It really put a smile on my face.

  9. That’s a GREAT photo! I hope you will show us some of your own shots in the future 😉

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