LA Street Art

I snapped this photo a few mornings ago as Lukus and I walked to brunch.

Sometimes it is the unexpected moments in a city that gives it personality…

There is street art all over the city, but this one’s grammatical error cracked me up.  Apparently someone else found it offensive, if you look carefully you can see where they attempted to make the correction!

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  1. I love looking through photos of street art {bc there’s not any good enough around here to see live}. Have you ever watched ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop?”

  2. Ha! That is so cute. (And I really hope the artist meant it as a joke – otherwise, how awkward!)

  3. This is so wonderful. One of the many reasons why I love loving in suc a diverse city.

  4. Love it! And that wee girl is just so cute, it’s almost (almost) okay…

  5. Totally love the correction! And you’re right. LA is full of street art. I still remember the mice that popped up all over when Bansky was here…

  6. Very funny…. Where in LA is this?

  7. That is adorable. Do you think the grammatical error is intentional? Reminds me of the “Pursuit of Happyness” spelling error! What great street art!

  8. It’s like Pinterest or Facebook, when you see a really inspiring thought from someone and then, you notice the grammar. You really want to like it but, that misspelled word is stopping you from clicking. ha.

  9. Haha, aww. I love that someone tried to correct it. 😉

  10. haha! I always have an appreciation for street art. Hilarious that a person made an attempt to correct it! :)

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