Wine of The Week: Castello di Verduno “Bellis Perennis”

Our lovely sommelier is single again.  I can always tell when the wine recs come in- especially this week.  He has described the wine as “sexy, sexy, sexy.”  Yes, he said it three times.  It seems a little excessive.  The only reasonable explanation is that he is lonely, that and it is a rather enchanting wine.  I am going to focus on the latter.

This week’s wine is the 2010 Castello di Verduno “Bellis Perennis”.  Previously we have discussed the red version of this wine.  This wine is actually made from the same red Pelaverga Piccolo grape, but is not fermented with the skins.  This results in a white wine.  The bottle isn’t our cheapest Wine of The Week, but it is well worth the $25 price tag.


  1. Will definitely check it out. I mean, who can resist a wine that is “sexy, sexy, sexy”?

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