Chuck Taylor Missoni

One of the things I love about Chicago is walking.  Seriously, I choose walking as my primary form of transportation almost every day!  Even in LA, I always tried to walk places.  Just feels good!

Alright.  Maybe not always.  Say, when I am wearing 5 ½ inch heels… that can be a challenge.  So, lately I find myself looking for ballet flats and wedges to take the treks with me.  After all, just because I am opting to walk doesn’t mean I want to run around in some stinky sneakers.

Then these Chuck Taylors came along and my whole world has opened up:

Yes, I now want to wear sneakers.  Specifically  these Converse’s Chuck Taylor Missoni sneakers.  I kind of love them, especially the green ones!  Can you blame me?


  1. Woa! Those are def eye catching! I would love to see you walking downtown Chicago in a cute LBD and some Chucks :)

  2. Those green ones totally caught my eye!

  3. Those are cute!

  4. Omg these are adorable, and the pastels are perfect for Spring!!

  5. those are so cute. I’m a chucks collector from way back in high school. But chucks aren’t the best walking shoes either but maybe a step forward from ballet flats but still for arches no good. Walking in Chicago was my favorite thing so much to see it’s almost sensory overload.

  6. Oh I love the green ones too!

  7. A classic shoe with a classic design. A great marriage of both

  8. This is the first time I’ve been in love with a high top gym shoe. Wow!

  9. Love the mint ones! I shot these out in Malibu this winter, they’re great!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. These are gorgeous. I love Chucks.

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