Fashion Blogging On A Budget

Over the past few weeks I have found myself in conversations about bloggers and clothing.  The big question in each of these instances has been “How can she afford all of that designer/expensive/large amount of stuff?!”  I thought I would share the answer here: She can’t.  (Psst— this applies to male fashion bloggers as well, so please forgive the gender identifier…)

That’s right.  Even fashion bloggers live by a budget.  But that doesn’t mean they are out knocking over Barneys and Bergdorfs to get ahold of designer pieces.  No.  It means they have a few tricks.

Let me start by getting something out of the way:  Some things are gifted.  BUT any blogger with integrity will reveal that fact.

1)  The Brick & Mortar Sample/ End-of-Season Sales:
Yes.  You have heard talk of these elusive creatures.  Basically, a sample sale gives designers the opportunity to get rid of excess merchandise at discounted rates, while an end-of-season sale serves the same purpose for retailers.  New York and LA are rich in sample sales.  But regardless of where you live, when you come across one, pounce on it, as these sales are usually short lived.

(Remember these finds?  They were the result of the Barneys Warehouse Sale, discussed HERE)

2)  Online Sample/ End-of-Season Sales:
If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a city where such sales exist- never fear!  There are plenty of online versions—and frankly, I love shopping from the comfort of my couch.  These include sites like Gilt & Rue La La as well as major retailer discount sites like Last Call.  The sites have great markdowns, but you have to hurry, because like their real life counterparts, these sales are only available for short periods of time.

(I wanted to share a photo of some purchases here, alas, they haven’t been unpacked yet…)

3)  Fashion Outlets:
Quit acting like an elitist.  The women and men whose closets you covet probably shop at these.  And why shouldn’t they?  Outlets can have fantastic markdowns!  These stores carry past season pieces, but that doesn’t make them any less chic.  And with markdowns up to 85% off…well, shopping these makes designers accessible for all.  Best part?  You don’t have to drive to an outlet mall to get these deals!  My favorite online example is The, where I can almost always find something special.

(These are my recent purchases… more than $950 saved off their retail price!)

**One more thing: Vintage/Consignment Shopping is another great option.  But alas, not my area of expertise.  Check out my friend Veronica’s blog The Refined Pursuit if you’d like to learn more about that…**

Do you live on a Fashionable Budget?  Share your secrets!


  1. I’m definitely a thrifter. Probably half of my closet is secondhand. Next time I feel like shopping online, though, I’m gonna check out these sites! “Quit acting like an elitist.” Love your attitude, as always!!!

  2. Thank you for the shout out! Great post, I mean there are so many great amazing pieces out there I just cannot afford. Which is why I found this alternative. Again, great post.

  3. Thank goodness for flash sale sites!

  4. This is something I always wondered about. But I suppose fashion bloggers really just shop mostly the same way I do {minus attention to designer names}.

  5. Ooo, thanks for the insider tips. I buy almost all of my clothes on sale. That probably means I don’t have the most fashion forward closet, but I gravitate towards more timeless pieces, so it works for me!

  6. Great tips! Exactly the way I shop :) xoxo

  7. Trendy pieces I get from f21 and I won’t buy something unless I can wear itnthreebways

  8. I really love thrift shopping, and not only do I shop for clothing at those stores (mostly sweaters and what I like to call old granny jackets), but I have also found a lot of really great furniture with character.

  9. Love those boots you snagged. Perfect for Fall!

  10. You are clearly a great shopper though, whether it be sale or not, very selective, those top pieces are classic beautiful pieces forever. Would love to see some more of your outfits on you and hear how you put them together…

  11. So true! Great post, I’m a huge fan and buyer of Outnet and love charity shops. I started with Gilt and need to browse that site more. Trunk sales, consignment and warehouse sales are simply the best.:)

  12. Thanks for clearing the air =) when I see designer names, I often panic 😉

  13. I suck at thrifting, but I have gotten better about bargain hunting. A lack of funds will do that to a person.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. I’m all about the high and low–love editorial pieces if I’m going to blow big bucks and then the basics I pretty much buy everything at J Crew (sale if I can find it) and one of my fashion forward guy friends has turned me on to FF21…he always jokes “Spotted…” but they have some cool accessories if you look–just can’t bear the blatant rip-offs, lol.

    Hope you are settling into your new city Alexis and that you’re taking a little time from the flurry of the move to enjoy yourself–thinking of you!

    xo Mary Jo

  15. You gave some great tips there on how to get designer at cheaper prices. Sometimes though there is nothing wrong with the high street, I often look at discounted designer goods and think to myself “I can find nicer pieces on the high street’. I end up always wanting the latest full price pieces. Sample sales are a great option, but in the UK they tend to be limited to London. :-(.

  16. what a grrat tip! I have not tried this site but i will definitely check it out! always better shopping at a bargain :)

  17. Consignment stores and thrift stores more than anything else. I can buy really good quality clothing at a quarter of the original price. I like sales too but not as much, and I only buy jewelery online.

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