Hermès S/S 2012 Ad Campaign

I love when I come across an ad campaign that makes me “wish I was there.”  That is the case with the below Hermès Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign.

The scene feels magical.  I love the giant tree.  And the scarf that looks like butterfly wings??  The campaign, shot by Nathaniel Goldberg, stars model Bette Franke and quintessential Hermès scarves.




  1. That is just stunning. Beautiful, beautiful!

  2. omg gorgeous – wish i was there too :-) (and with that scarf!)


    What a fun campaign and those colors really capture you.

  4. Love this. I have recently fallen in love with Hermes as my new most favorite line, it’s hard not to want every single thing they do.

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Ahh, yes, this is very inspiring (dreamy) and such a beautiful scarf print! I definitely wish I was there, if only to grab that wonderful scarf. Have a wonderful weekend. -xx

  6. I love that shot & the look!

  7. i try to like hermes ad but every past ad looks so dull to me.but there are some which does stands out

  8. What a shot. I love the color and mystery this ad is so full of it. Its gorgeous.

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