Obligatory Instagram Post

It’s time for the obligatory “I’m on Instagram” post!

That’s right, now that the app is Android friendly, you can find me there snapping pretty pictures of building and flowers and what not.

Let me give you a taste of what I mean:


Wow.  Now don’t you just love these!?!?!?!  So come on, follow me aka NorthOnHarper!


P.S. If you want purely fashion centric photos you can also follow me on Pose! (yes, the username is NorthOnHarper as well!)


  1. Wow – those photos are very very cool – and so clear. I’m going to have to add that app to my phone too. Not sure whether to do Instagram postings or Pinterest – what do you think (I don’t have the time or skills to do both…)

  2. You were one of the first ones I snatched up for my follow list! :) Keep ’em comin’, girl! I love getting a taste of Chicago in my feed every day.

  3. Absolutely loving that first one – talk about an epic instagram shot haha!

    Alexandra xo


  4. Gorgeous photos, Alexis. ….maybe one of these days I will make it on Instagram myself,lol

  5. I’m so disappointed that my phone isn’t compatibile with instagram! Good thing I’m due for an upgrade soon. But I’m loving all the new android users bringing new life to instagram =) Great photos.

  6. I was so excited when they released this a few weeks ago! I love it! Following you now :-)

  7. The building image is such a crisp photo! Great capture. I love Instagram. :)

  8. I’ll look for you! Love instagram. It’s so much fun and so easy too.

  9. again great pics! you’ve got some camera chops, chica!

  10. I think I’m following, I’m happy it’s finally landed on Android, it’s well overdue!

  11. Nice pictures! will look for you on instagram – you can follow me there too – shutterbugblog 😉

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