The Coming HomeMint

There is a new BeachMint line on the horizon.  It is called HomeMint and is a collection of home décor elements curated by Justin Timberlake and his interior designer, Estee Stanley.

Unlike the counterparts JewelMint, StyleMint and ShoeMint (I have never used BeautyMint, so I can’t speak to it), HomeMint is not purchased as a credit that covers an item from that month’s collection.  Instead (From what I understand!), you pay about a $10 monthly fee and to get exclusive member discounts.

I am intrigued by this new site.  My only question is whether you can skip months (like with the other BeachMint lines) and only pay when you are actually planning to make a purchase.  Assuming that is the case, I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store.  After all, I did just move to a new city and eventually I will have a new place that needs decorating…!!!

The site launches next month and here is a sneak peek of a few of the wares:

Tell me, what do you think of the HomeMint business model?  Do you plan to sign up?

If so, feel free to use this LINK.

(Disclosure: It will give me credit towards my monthly membership)


P.S.  What to know more about the line?  Check out THIS piece in Elle Decor!


Image Sources: All images are promotional shots from BeachMint via Elle Decor.


  1. Sunds like a great site and I hope you can skip months. That would be great!

  2. This sounds awesome! I just moved into a new house in February and it is in some definite need of being decorated.

  3. I love Justin Timberlake & will support ANYTHING he does :-) But I am really looking forward to this site & love that butterfly picture

  4. Yea…what is up with all these Mint lines?Are they all by celebrities? i didn’t even kno Justin Timberlake did this stuff? hahaha
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  5. It’s hard to keep up with all of these mints. I have tried a couple, but ended up cancelling one because I just would rather pick and choose when something catches my eye with no pressure. I do like the business model, it seems to work for many folks. Seems like it would be worth a try, very affordable, but like you I’d wonder if you are able to skip a month here and there as well.

  6. That’s such an interesting business model and what they have seems to look gorgeous and so evocative of Greece. Justin Timberlake is a genius!

  7. It looks interesting but I’m not in decorating mode right now. My house is too small to do much more with it, and with two kids there isn’t much point anyway. Eight now the living room is filled with photo equipment! One day I hope we have a bigger house, and I’ll need decorating sites like this.
    Personally I don’t like any site that makes you pay a fee to shop. Stores don’t chare a fee, so why should online stores? It might be good for professional decorators, but for regular people it seems a little off putting.

  8. I’m always apprehensive of having to pay for a discount, but it sounds like they might have some fun stuff. I hope you find a new place soon!

  9. I am sooo excited for the launch of HomeMint :-) Is the last picture of a rug? if so… I LOVE it!

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