The Stylish Years

I am sure you are familiar with the blog Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen. (If not, please check it out- it is really a testament to style having no age limit!)  The blog captures some of New York’s most stylish residents.  The one requirement?  They are all over age 60.

CNN’s Emanuella Grinberg recently took a closer look at some of the women who make up this chic set (check out the article HERE).

I love the message of being true to yourself and had to share the corresponding video with you:

Tell me, what do you think the key to aging stylishly is?


  1. I have never heard of this site – so anxious to check it out! the concept is PERFECT.

  2. Yes love that blog. Grace is the word I would use for women who age naturally, they have a certain ease beyond worrying about wrinkles.

  3. I love the women who stay true to their style throughout their life. Always makes me smile!

  4. Aren’t these great? I particularly love the wild hair on some of the ladies :-)

  5. I saw something about this on some television show a month or two ago. Love the concept and message!

  6. Gives me hope, especially since in my last post, I referred to my inner eccentric old lady!

    I am glad to see there is a focus on the style of older women. We don’t all just drop off the face of the earth after 50, right?!

  7. Thanks for putting me on to this blog! You usually don’t get any focused on women who are older that still have style.

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