Tulips and Tea

Lukus and I spent this weekend apartment hunting (right now his work is putting us up).  During a break we took some time to lounge around Millennium Park.  The park (as is true of the rest of downtown!) is beautifully manicured.  The park’s gardens, coupled with Lukus’ casual Saturday look (complete with Green Tea) made for the perfect photo op.


  1. I hope you’ve found something Alexis–nothing so nerve wracking as looking for a new place. Hoping that you will be all moved in very soon. The park looks gorgeous and what a great pic of your hubby.

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Jen Flaks says:

    Love the photo. Hope you two are enjoying Chi-town! & Happy B-day (a few days late).

  3. Lukus looks pretty fabulous as does the park!

  4. We finally get to the the main man in your life! haha. Great photo!

  5. Lukus is so dapper! My fingers are crossed you find the perfect space, I’ve never been to Chicago, but your pictures are making me crave a trip west.

  6. Wow! Cute guy! Beautiful park! Lucky girl!

  7. Happymother says:

    Nice combination!! Lukus looks great! I really hope, that you’ll find a perfect place!!!

  8. What else could you want. The most beautiful picture, Almost don’t believe its real. I guess you didn’t photoshop Lukus in? you should enter it in a contest.

  9. As overwhelming as life may be right now, I’m still glad you can sit back and enjoy these little moments. Glad you’re taking in the new city too =)

  10. What a beautiful picture of tulipes! one of my favorite flowers. Lukus looks great.

  11. What a great place to shoot some pictures. I can’t wait until Mr. A and I start apartment hunting.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. I’m so looking forward to hearing about your Chicago adventures!

  13. I hope you find an amazing place! The flowers are so gorgeous and indicative of spring! Good luck to you!

  14. Beautiful picture & stylish looking Lukus!

  15. What a great pic!

  16. Aww, Lukus in a post! Love his shoes!

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