Where For Art Thou Spring?

I am in a bit of a funk today.  And it is all because of the Chicago weather.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the city.  But when the average temps are in the 40*s in April, this girl just doesn’t feel like spring.  (Seriously, the temps here have been colder than LA in the dead of winter…)

Currently, I am at a complete loss of how to dress myself.  I keep looking at my spring wardrobe with desire.  Meanwhile, I have to grab a serious coat every time I walk outside.

Think I am exaggerating?  Tell me then, does Lukus’ getup look like spring?!  (This was taken on Saturday!!)  :::

So I am turning to you!  Tell me, how do you dress yourself when it doesn’t feel remotely like spring?  (If you want to send me a photo, I would love to feature you!  alexisATnorthonharperDOTcom)


P.S. Minor update— just saw the North East is now getting pummeled with snow… I promise, this post wasn’t meant to wish cold on anyone else!


  1. Thank HEAVENS I am not a few more miles up the Hudson, I think I would’ve called in depressed to work if it had snowed here. I think my biggest coping mechanism recently has been bright colors. What the heck happened to those 80 degree days from last weekend? Your first year away from LA won’t be easy, but I promise it will get better :-)

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Where is the warmth? I am tired of wearing these clothes!

  3. Just wear a Salmon or Corral colored sweater and you’ll be sending warmer weather vibes your way for sure!

  4. PS – Houston just had a cold front today as well. We are down to a blistery high of 75. Not that I’m braggin or anything. . .

  5. PA is slowly being taken over by snow! I don’t think Wilkes-Barre will get much. It usually pours when its freakishly snowing everywhere. For this weather. I wear pants with a colorful top and a light spring jacket. I don’t want to freeze, but I don’t want to bake in my jacket.

  6. Bright colors, fun scarves, and cute hats and gloves/mittens help me believe it’s spring. Honestly, I’m just excited when I can ditch the down jacket and Arctic explorer boots. Unfortunately, spring weather in the upper Midwest just means you get to wear “lighter” jackets, scarves, etc. If there’s no jacket involved, it must be summer. 😀

  7. i hear ya! nyc’s cold weather has me in a funk too.

  8. I always just keep the core of the look spring-like (a summer dress, a pretty floral) and really accessorize around it to add warmth without too much bulk! Hope you get some sunshine soon :)

    Alexandra xo


  9. Layers. Part of making it spring when it doesn’t feel like it is the undershirt. The bright colors can come out through that, and then the outer layers enrapture around that.

    It’s an adjustment, but the warmer temps are right around the corner for you!

  10. It’s cold here too. I just took out the boots and winter coat again today. Hope it warms up there soon! :) xoxo

  11. I’m always different here – I love fall and winter! I think the idea of bright colors is a great one. And layers – layers of bright, neon colors!

  12. Girlfriend, welcome to my world — or at least, my old one. My only tip is layer. Layer, layer, layer. Layer hardcore!

  13. Sorry it’s still cold out there! I adore hats and scarves, since they can easily be removed when indoors. Stay warm!

  14. Sundresses and tights. Shorts, tights, tall boots and a floppy hat. Thermals under fun t-shirts and a blazer-scarf too.

    Yes it’s warm here in Cali, no brag, but the nights are still chill.
    I’m gonna miss my winter clothes. No lie!

  15. I’m still in LA where “cold” is a solid 65 degrees with a bit of fog, but I get irritated when I can’t wear my spring pretties too. As you know spring is often the coldest time of year here even though that isn’t really all that cold. Anyway, I just found a pale green wool coat on sale for $40. It’s kinds spring colored which makes me happy. If you can find a winter coat in a bright color maybe it’ll see more like spring?

  16. Layers, layers, layers. And if you can manage it maybe a few cold weather items that have some spring color in them.

    PS. Its been pretty hot here in LA 😛

  17. I have no idea what is going on with the temperature. I had my coat on today. I love the picture though, the duck seems content

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