Chanel Resort 2013 Collection: Take Me To Versailles

Very few people could plan a Versailles-located, Rococo-influenced, Marie Antoinette-inspired fashion show and still be taken seriously.  I mean how ostentatious can you get?

Well, very few people are Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld.

And that is exactly what the creative-mad-man undertook for the Chanel Resort 2013 Collection.

Yes, there was ruffles, and gold, and confection-colored volume.  And it was magical.

Initially I thought to complain about the sheer variety of everything.  But on closer inspection and consideration of the theme, I would have to argue that Mr. Lagerfeld accomplished what he set out to do.:  Create a wonderland of clothing fit for a modern day Marie Antoinette.

And no, the irony in France’s (and Europe’s) current political environment was not lost on me.  But something tells me that the all-powerful Karl Lagerfeld even planned for that!

Here are some of the standouts from the Chanel Resort 2013 Collection:


What do you think of the latest from Chanel??


Images via (Yannis Vlamos /


  1. Wow, wow, wow, love everything. Does he have a different stylist? Because the addition of the edgy hair and sneakers is genius. It makes the intricate artistry of the pieces even more precious.

  2. I love crazy ideas like that, it gives everyone something to talk about! :)

  3. Total fan! He is a freaking mad man and I love it! And the hair and makeup was an amazing touch. xoxo

  4. When I saw these photos the other day the white dress with the royal purple really caught my attention. I enjoyed his colourful wonderland.

  5. You know, I kind of like it!

  6. Dying over the white and violet number…There’s nothing quite like Chanel!

  7. WOW! I am impressed. He did it, that’s for sure! he’s becoming one of my favorites =)

  8. I love the top middle and the bottom left. Lots of variety here. :)

  9. Wow! This looks like a really great collection and I especially love how a lot of these pieces translate very well to everyday wear. Sometimes what we see walking down the catwalk, while often gorgeous, present the issue of having to wonder where on Earth someone would wear such an outfit.

  10. Heather says:

    Anything “marie Antoinette” does it for me. This collection is no exception. Everything I’ve seen so far I love.

  11. Haha, I knew as soon as I saw the spread yesterday that you would be writing about this, and I would be disappointed if you didn’t! It’s probably my favorite collection he’s done in the longest time, but then if I look back at previous collections I would say the same about all of them, lol. Just love the way they were styled so much!

    xo Mary Jo

  12. Is there anything they do wrong? Simply stunning!

  13. Karl is a very interesting man, especially since he put some of these girls in sneakers. But I really do like a few of these dresses for sure.

  14. WOW!!!! I love it!!! I really, really do!

    I was thinking this would be something that wouldn’t translate into the everyday, but it totally does. Brava!

  15. That big, billowy white dress is so beautiful. Like a fairytale!

  16. at first glance it doesnt look like chanel at all,karl are one master of design.i love this cruise collection

  17. As always STUNNING. My favorite would have to be the white & blue dress!

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