Coco Rocha For Target Shows Us How To Model

For those of you content with just standing there, in her latest ad for Target, Coco Rocha shows us that modeling is much more of a sport:

Am I the only one tired from just watching?!


Image of Coco Rocha for Target via and video via Target’s YouTube page.



  1. I envy the way her facial expression is so good during most of the shots. I’d make really goofy faces when jumping up!

  2. That’s pretty cool! I love her tap dance routine in the White House/Black Market commercials!

  3. This was so interesting! I loved watching her work. And, yes, I want to play!!

  4. Wow, she has amazing energy. I would totally need a nap after all that and how does she keep her face pretty through all of that? Someone would take a photo of my jumping around and I’d look like an angry monster.

  5. Love, love, LOVE her! She always brings a smile to my face. :) xoxo

  6. Love seeing the playful side of models 😉

  7. omg i love her, she’s been my favorite model since the moment she river danced down the runway for Gaultier :)

    xo Mary Jo

  8. That looks like it was an incredibly fun shoot to do! I love her charisma! :)

  9. That looks like a heckuva workout! Ha!

  10. It all looks so natural when she does it and so free, she really does take modeling to another level! Its also facinating to see “ordinary’ people next to her, showing the perfection of face and body!

  11. That was interesting. I have tried SO MANY jumping poses for my blog. It is sooooooo difficult. That woman is a master. I bow to her jumping in camera expertise. And the faces! Wow. Seriously how does she do that?

  12. you are right – i am breathless just watching her! adore this video :-)

  13. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    Wow, so many different poses. She totally knows what’s up.

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