Elle UK Surprises

There has been a lot of talk about Elle UK lately.  With their July cover starring a man (for the first time ever!) and that man being the rather handsome Mr. David Beckham, it is no wonder people have been talking.

BUT, that isn’t what has me talking about Elle UK.  Instead I am fascinated about a contest they are holding for interns.

Now, this isn’t your average “win a 2 week internship” contest run by magazines and other media outlets on a daily basis.

Instead these interns are faced with an actual serious task:  produce Elle UK’s October issue!  How cool is that?!

The contest is called “Edited By The Interns” and according to the contest site, 10 individuals will be hired as the editorial staff that produces the October issue! Jobs include everything from the Fashion Art Editor, to the Make-up Artist, to the Fashion Photographer.  This is not your average internship!  They are even hiring an editor!  And yes, for those of you concerned, this is a paid internship.

I am completely intrigued to how this edition will come out.  (So much so that I intend to pay the international cover costs when the time comes, unless one of my UK friends offers to ship it to me!)

So I have to ask you:

What do you think of this contest idea?    How much power do you think the interns in charge will be actually given?



If you are interested in learning more about the contest, you can check out the details HERE.


  1. I don’t think i’d be fit for such a task, but that is amazing. Kudos for them for doing something respectable for their interns, rather than sending them on coffee errands!

  2. Great cover and the contest sounds like fun for both the winners and the readers!

  3. That is crazy. I can’t believe they’re giving up control like that! I’m definitely intrigued!

  4. Firstly Wow, the David has had some major tattoing (sp? That is so great on their part, as you say will be fascinating to see what they come up with (and would love to know how this first edition with a bloke on cover works out!)

  5. That cover is so gorgeous. They picked the perfect guy for the first male cover ever. And what a contest! Sounds fabulous :) xoxo

  6. It sounds like a cool idea and great opportunity for the interns. I think it’s even more interesting this trend to use men as the face of women’s fashion–Brad Pitt for Chanel, etc. Hope you’re having a great week Alexis!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Giovanna says:

    Ooh wow! That sounds so cool! I wish I was one of their interns! Such an amazing opportunity!


  8. That is a cool idea and a great opportunity! I’ve no idea how much power they’ll be given… A lot I’d hope. Interesting to see how it will turn out!

  9. Oh wow! What an opportunity that would be! I wish I could get in on the editorial design part of that.

  10. If you want someone from the UK to ship it to you when it comes out, just let me know. It does sound like an awesome competition, what were the entry requirements?

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