Full Floral Assault

Yesterday I shared some of my favorite blooms in my parents’ yard.  As I mentioned I found the environment inspiring.  So inspiring that I thought I would take my floral trend picks to a new level!

If you are familiar with my style, you know I tend towards a softer palette.  But today, all that changes!  I have assembled some floral picks that aren’t for the faint of heart.  This is floral fashion at its most extreme.

Floral Finds:

Floral Picks:
Juicy Couture “Tropical Print Dress”
Plenty by Tracy Reese “Flounced Slip Dress in Azalea Big Blooms”
Trinity “Floral Print Tunic Dress”
Milly “Lourdes Print Tank Dress”

Not a floral dress gal?  How about this Alice + Olivia “Elyse Floral Print Blazer”:

Shrinking violets need not apply!


Tell me, would you embrace one of these floral patterns?


  1. oo I LOVE that floral blazer :-) It’s the perfect mixed color palette, and almost has a bit of an ombre effect (or am I crazy?)

  2. I LOVE the florals!!!!!

  3. That blazer is amazing! I’m not a floral kind of girl, but I do like most of the ones for this season. =)

  4. I would do the blazer because it’s sort of ironic, but florals are really hard to pull off without looking too junior-y, except for all the dark ones coming for fall, which I’m looking forward to. Hope you’re feeling better Alexis!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. The florals are a little much for me. It’s mostly because of the repetitive patterns. I draw towards a piece that has one floral design on it, just large 😉

  6. I love seeing florals inu usual places, like jeans and jackets. Love that last photo!

  7. These dresses remind me of all the dresses i used to wear as a girl in Hawaii. I think I may be going shopping soon!

  8. Happymother says:

    Beautiful! I just bought a very nice black-white coat with flowerdesign!

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