Goodbye Atlanta

I am running around finishing off packing and last minute errands before heading back to Chicago this afternoon.  It was a nice little escape to Atlanta (although, I must admit, due to canceled flights and illness, not the trip I had anticipated!).

One of my best friends is always commenting on how green Atlanta is (and no, this isn’t simply because she moved here from Arizona!).  And on this visit I couldn’t help but marvel at how true her observation is.  It really is a beautiful green city… or at least my parents’ yard makes quite the oasis.  Of course I can’t help but share one more bloom for the road….

Have a Happy Wednesday!


  1. Good bye to Atlanta :( Sadly, I’ve never visited; always just passing through.

  2. Safe travels Alexis! I didn’t realize you were still there–all the greenery is making me think I want to revisit Atlanta, I used to do shows there–maybe it’s a good incentive to go back!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. I love your mother’s plants!!! I know you’ll miss them! I hope my new hydrangea grows up to be so pretty:)

  4. I love Atlanta. I wish your trip could have gone on without a hitch, but at least you got to visit. I can’t wait to go visit Atlanta again.

  5. What a gorgeous photo! I have a hydrangea in my backyard but it hasn’t bloomed yet. Hopefully it looks half as gorgeous as that one does.

  6. Never been and always wanted to go. Be safe traveling!

  7. Happymother says:

    Wish you a good trip back to Chicago! I love this flower!

  8. I bet it was good to be home for a little bit…

    look forward to hearing about your new adventures in Chicago =)

  9. those flowers are going to be hard to say goodbye to! so glad you had a wonderful time at home. safe travels back to Chi-Town!

  10. Yes, Atlanta is a beautiful city. I love Buckhead. I have never been to Chicago although I have always wanted to visit. I have relative who lives there. Maybe I will visit during the Taste of Chicago, I think it’s called.

  11. It’s amazing when you’re away from a place and see it’s beauty another time as if it’s the first time. Beautiful picture. Not sure where in GA my friend’s wedding is but, I hope it’s not too hot there when we all arrive for the summer. Safe travels dear.

  12. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    Hope you have a quick and safe journey back to Chicago! I’m glad you had a great time with the fam, despite the crappy stuff!

  13. u leaving atlanta to which place honey?

  14. Have a good trip back to Chicago Alexis, must be lovely to be back in your parent’s backyard again, I always find that so comforting…

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