The Perfect Cover Up

One of the features I am most excited about in my new apartment is the location.  More specifically the fact that 30-seconds after walking out of my building I can be lounging on the beach.

Okay.  So it isn’t the Pacific Ocean.  Or the Atlantic.  Or even some fantastic exotic Sea.  It is Lake Michigan.  But still.  It is still a beach and it is a really big lake!

Key for my 30-second walk beneath Lake Shore is the cover up.  After all, I am a lady!

The perfect cover up must look like clothing (ie- appropriate enough to throw over a bathing suit and with some cute sandals to go eat an easy lunch in) but light and easy enough to no look like clothing on the actual beach.  Does that make sense?

Here are 3 great styles of cover up, sure to please:

The Tunic (this option: By Malene Birger Dandiasi Tunic Dress):
I would argue that this is the classic cover-up style.  A tunic feels like a sundress with the ease of a t-shirt.  The semi-sheer style screams pool/beach and the long sleeves give it a polished look.

The Maxi (this option: Diane von Furstenberg Imena Cover Up Dress):
I like the elegance and length of this maxi. For me it has that real clothing feel, but still possesses the necessary ease. The maxi is a great option if you need your cover up to transition to street life.

The Romper (this option: Camilla Pentacle Halter Romper):
Probably the most playful option, rompers are ideal for a waterside fun day. This one-size option is great because you can adjust it by tying knots into the halter adding your own bit of flair.


So tell me, what cover up style is your favorite?


  1. I love that you’re living near the water–that must be such a treat! I love a long pink coverup I have (when I remember to wear it). Mostly I’m a tee and shorts kinda girl, but living in Chicago, things are probably a little dressier lol.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Alexis!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. omg i am obsessed with that Malene Birger coveerup – so glamorous :-)

  3. How amazing that you live so close to the beach! I’m all about cover ups being that my summer house is right on the beach too. I stocked up on some new tunics and maxis. You really can’t go wrong.

    Have a great weekend! :) xoxo

  4. I’m loving the maxi. I need to look for a beach cover up for myself this summer.

  5. I love that you’re so close to the water. Living by water is the *best* and Lake Michigan is so beautiful. I love its teal color! I always use a sarong for my cover-up – doubles as a towel and can be worn/tied in so many different ways.

  6. They’re all great. I think the first one may be my favorite, though my coverup is the same style as the third. I’m looking forward to hearing about your new apartment!

  7. That maxi is calling my name. DvF always does it for me!

  8. BeAutiful! Love the romper in particular. I usually just throw on an old shirt or dress,but this year I’ve been craving something really chic.mthanks for the inspiration.

  9. I really love the first one, it’s almost like a dress, really classy and real chic. That is definitely my favourite.

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