Heat Advisory

Chicago is under a heat advisory until Thursday evening.  Frankly it isn’t the temps, but the humidity that has pushed us into this precarious situation.  I knew this humidity thing was going to be my nemesis!

I plan on sticking close to home (after all, I am now working on getting my new closet into shape!) and filling up on popsicles (the all fruit kind, until I find my popsicle molds and can make my own…).  But if I find myself with a freshly organized closet I may wonder down to the lake.  After all, you’ve got to take advantage of it when you are 30 seconds from the water!

Tell me, what are you favorite techniques for handling a sweltering day?


Image from the Elle France June 1st via fashiongonerogue.com,  photographer: Nagi Sakai, model: Shannan Click



  1. I try to head to the beach as quickly as possible! If that’s not an option I stay in AC all day long. The humidity is really the killer. I hear that heat wave is headed our way. Stay cool! xoxo

  2. Sadly we have not had any decent weather here, I’m sitting here in a full-on cardigan. Long for the watermelon and hosepipe heat!

  3. My favorite way to deal with a swealtering day? Air conditioning! But barring that I rise early to catch the cooler morning hours, then close up the windows and curtains to keep the house as cool as possible. I often nap in the heat of the day and do all my cooking on the grill outside. Sometimes I just wear a bathing suit around the house too.

  4. We’ve had terrible weather here… Hot with tons of rain!

  5. We don’t have summer weather yet….few days ago it was feeling like ugly spring and now it’s turning into OK spring….but far summer : Keep cool!

  6. Chicago’s getting off scot-free as far as the weather is concerned; Louisville will burn starting tomorrow and into the weekend with triple-digit temps! 😛

    Oh, and we have yet another air quality alert starting tomorrow, as well. Pfft!

    Anyway, my favourite way of beating the heat? Hiding from it; the sun and I are not the best of friends, to say the least.

  7. Stay hydrated and cool!

    Kaye Awatin
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  8. the best technique for hot days? STAY HOME. I am sooooo bad in hot weather that unless I plan a day inside somewhere I just don’t venture out at all.

  9. When it was really hot in LA I used to go to lots of movies or shopping where there was massive ac. Luckily it doesn’t get sweltering in Laguna, I almost feel guilty but spent so much time in hot places, I dont, haha. Hope you get your closet organized this weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. AC is the code name these weeks in Bucharest. Plus lots of fresh juices with ice. :)

  11. Jumping in the lake is definitely the best way to beat sticky Midwest summer heat! Good luck with the closet!

  12. we had an advisory *thinks* last week? and we’re getting back up into the 90’s an stuff this weekend. gonna be a fun summer 😛 stay cool!

  13. I’m so glad I live walking distance away from a little lake for swimming! I think I might go tomorrow, actually. Heat is deffinately not for me. My entire closet consists of sweaters and cardigans. It’s crazy! Ha. ♥

  14. I really don’t like it too hot, however for days like that I generally make certain to have frozen bottle water. I keep on in the freezer in the morning and grab it when I dash out so that it’s cool even when blazzing climate. And staying inside if you can, lol. Happy weekend. xo

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