Jersey Dress Joy

I have to be honest.  My life is still nuts right now.  I thought for sure after getting into our apartment last weekend things would calm down.  But I was VERY wrong.  Instead, we are still unpacking and adjusting to our new surroundings.

Plus, in case you didn’t know, there is something called “HUMIDITY” in Chicago.   I forgot about that devil while living in Los Angeles for so many years.  And now my hair is paying for it.

All this leaves me wanting simplicity when I get ready in the morning.  And the solution has been simple: JERSEY.  That’s right.  I have been gravitating to the jersey dresses in my closet (and on the racks!) on a near daily basis.

Can you blame be?  Jersey is easy.  It is cool (physically and figuratively).  And if you have the right jersey dress it can easily take you from day to night.  (All you need is an accessory change!)

In light of my new love for jersey, I have assembled some great dresses for your viewing pleasure.  These are all made from the magical fabric and can easily transition you through your day.  Oh!  And if you ever thought jersey meant boring, something tells me these dresses may convince you otherwise:

Jersey Finds:
Funktional “Turnover Tank Dress”
LnA “Cardiff Cutout Dress”
LnA “Berkley V Maxi”
Blue Life “Hipster Dress”
Bobi “Light Weight Jersey Tunic”


How do you cope with summer heat?  Are you a jersey girl?


  1. Love this kind of dresses! Really flatters the body

    Kaye Awatin
    Twitter: @thestyleflux

  2. One thing is for sure: I can not live in anything but a breezy dress these days. The heat doesn’t allow me to even consider anything else. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I practically live in dresses when summer is in full swing. I love ethe Bobi dress!

  4. I read your post and just chuckle! You are living the life… I went back east this time last year I thought my GOODNESS i have entered a convection oven. I grew up back east, yes girl LA weather spoils. Big time!!

    Now regarding the jersey dress, love it but I am over the top I have to style the heck out of the jersey dress. It’s a staple. At a fab sandal, a wonderful set of bangles or a great hair accessory. The possibilities go on and on….

  5. that last dress is amazing! love the selection :)

    if you like, have a look at my blog:

  6. I live in a desert (the only Canada’s desert) and summers get brutal here so I try to stay inside or close to water….when I go I am for sure a jersey girl :)

  7. lovely blog! the red and black dresses are great:)

  8. The red one is such a sixties and yet a cool and modern look. I love jersey too!

  9. Oh I love jersey dresses! I have a few but my favorite are DVF silk jersey purchased on consignment. They’re the best.

  10. My favourite are the first two. I like the the draping on the first and the open back of the second. Jersey dresses are great for comfort and easy, you don’t feel too fussy and as you mentioned they’re easy to take from day to night with an accessory change. I wish we had the problem of humidity, we have just had rain but no heat lol.

  11. Ok now, this is what I am talking about. this is me. I like them all. I don’t know how you are going to deal with the hair think. I think it may be Brazilian blow out time.

  12. I’m currently living in jersey dresses as well. I live in South Florida where humidity makes you want to slap yourself. Oh how I miss LA weather. I haven’t been in a while . . . I think it’s about time. Seriously when I’m sweltering in West Palm Beach, I check the weather in LA and just shake my head. I hope you survive Chicago’s summer humidity.

    Vonae Deyshawn

  13. I agree, jersey is one of my favourites, it’s easy to style and so versatile for any occasion. Chicago humidity (and the winters) is a bit much, but I hope you stay cool! Love the pink and black styles. -xo

  14. I don’t envy you for recently moving – I learnt how much effort goes into it at the beginning of the year. And sooo feel you on the jersey clothing!

  15. Ah, jersey… fun, flattering and oh-so-comfy! That second dress from the left is super unique and cool.

  16. That red one especially stands out to me. Humidity isn’t a problem in Utah of course, though I actually enjoy *cold humidity* (think Ireland) and loathe hot humidity. Frankly I’m just not a hot weather girl – I handle it by staying inside and just plain suffering whenever I’m forced to leave the air-conditioning. :-/

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