Ports 1961 Spring 2013 Menswear Collection

I know I have spent a lot of time covering the Resort 2013 Collections.  But that doesn’t mean I am going to neglect the Menswear shows!  And I thought it would be particularly fun to start off with the Ports 1961 Spring 2013 Menswear Collection, which showed in Milan a couple of days ago.

This collection made me smile.  There was great tailoring, interesting detail, sheen and color.  I mean, what more do you want?!

Lots and lots of color:

Okay.  So let’s be honest.  My husband Lukus (who isn’t scared of fashion!), probably isn’t going to be wearing a rose colored suit to work.

But the Ports 1961 show had something for Lukus as well.  By introducing color in smaller doses (and pairing to with great neutrals- love the silvery grey!), even those men with a slightly more conservative aesthetic can insert a bit of color into their wardrobe- be it play time or work time:

It wasn’t just the color that made an impression with Ports 1961 Spring 2013 Menswear Collection.  I also really like the use of pattern in the casual wear.  The feeling is playful, while still structured and accesible to most customers (okay- so the pants may be a reach for some, but they are fun!!!)  Here are some of my favorite examples:

Tell me, what do you think of the Ports 1961 Spring 2013 Menswear Collection?



Original Photos: Marcus Tondo / GoRunway.com via Style.com


  1. Wow! The colors on the first row of suits almost made me cringe! I can’t imagine the husband ever wearing anything like that. But, I did like the silver grey suit – tres chic!

  2. i cant believe that i saw macaroons and pastel color still for ss13 men collection,damn fun!

  3. I loved it too! The colors blew me away. I would love to see a guy wearing one of these :) xoxo

  4. The rose can be toned town with a beige color shirt and shoe. I really like the green but I couldn’t get my husband in either.

  5. WOW, look it those colors!

    I love the middle section the best.. more subtle..

  6. Love the colors, but don’t know any men that would actually wear that,lol…..the rest is more subtle and I am sure my son wouldn’t mind sporting few of those looks :)

  7. I really like it and was just talking with one of my guy fashion friends (yes they exist ha!) yesterday that it’s great that color blocking has hung around for another season–it’s sort of trickling into main stream and people/guys are realizing they can wear it as long as it’s just a little sliver of color and it’s fun!

    Hope you have a great pre-fourth of July weekend Alexa!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. Wow love the colorful suits! :)

    Kaye Awatin
    Blog: http://thestyleflux.blogspot.com
    Twitter: @thestyleflux

  9. You know I am in love with menswear, so I’m happy that you did a post on Ports 1961. I’m a huge fan of their collections. I love the lively colour!

  10. I really like this collection. The bits of color of very fun and something out of the box for mens fashion.

  11. I love a well dressed man!!!

  12. Very dapper!

    True Queen

  13. I love the colours, I’m really a fan of the ‘sheen’ fabrics they’re a bit too over the top for me. But I particularly like the look with the yellow shorts. Shows you can wear strong colours and look cool by pairing with neutrals. I love adding splashes of colour into the mix.

  14. These colorful suits are just gorgeous. Menswear has been really surprising me this time around!

  15. I like the shorts and matching shoes. Starting now, I need those. That’s me on the beach!

    Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  16. Beautiful color. I like the shorts photo best too.

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