Sunshine & Swimwear

I am mind boggled right now.  Is it really JUNE?!?!?

My new landlords joked that I seem to bring the cold to Chicago.  And I am starting to think they are right!  While it was truly summery last weekend, the temps have since dropped and the high today is 63* F (did I mention it is overcast and there is a chance of rain?!?!).

BUT I SAY NO!  And in response give you this…

This Mara Hoffman bikini just screams sunshine with its bright print (It feels a little tribal meets urban, right?!)!  The sort of thing I expect to see lakeside during the first weekend of June…

So fingers crossed this weekend surprises me with a bit of sun!  And hopefully yours is twice as nice!

Tell me: are you ready for swimwear season?



  1. It is 66 degrees here in Pennsylvania! Last week we were in our pool numerous times and between yesterday and today, I’ve pulled out my sweatshirts again. It is super windy, chilly, and I am not enjoying it.

    That bikini is beautiful. I have never had the body to put in a bikini, but I am really proud to say that I bought two bathing suits last week and they are the first bathing suits I have owned in over 10 years. Hello, body confidence progress!

  2. Nation wide the weather has been unusual. Now a days you never know what to expect. I have never been to Chicago but I suspect summer days maybe a bit muggy. Enjoy the mild weather, because summer may come and you maybe writing a post titled ” Be careful for what you wish for”

  3. Woefully slow on getting one of the great new mailots I’ve been seeing online but I have some old standby bikinis in the meantime. Hope it warms up for you!!!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Loving that print but alas bikinis are in my past…Thank goodness I found some speedos in New Zealand with all the padding and pulleys and levers you need when you’re 50!

  5. Poor girl. I have a feeling you’re in the wrong city, sunshine girl. Ugh. However, I have already been in a bathing suit a few times this year 😉

  6. Yes, I’ve been ready for swimsuit season, I’ve only been able to use my new suit once so far, so hopefully it just means more holidays need to be planned, haha! :) Have a lovely weekend.

  7. LA has been hit by our yearly June Gloom, so you’re not the only one who wonders where the sunshine went! Hope it warms up soon.

  8. And looks up above, and here I was thinking how beautiful the last few days have been lol

    60’s are still nice, the perfect temp’s are using high 60’s, low 70’s for me!

  9. Umm, want that suit!!

    Should I even tell you how warm it’s been here!? Ha! Don’t worry babe, I’m sure the sun will come. Hope you are enjoying Chicago!

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