Tibi Resort 2013 Collection

The first word that came to mine as I looked through the Tibi Resort 2013 Collection was: BOLD.  Designer Amy Smilovic made a commitment to saturated colors, crisp tailoring and great shapes.  And in my opinion it paid off.

Tibi typically has a downtown feel to it and this no different. But new to the brand is a sophistication that invites an even larger audience to check it out.

Ironic for me is that the added refinement is created by elements often associated with children.  I believe it is the clean lines, exaggerated shapes and primary colors that have such a keen effect on the Tibi Resort 2013 Collection.  You could practically be in a nursery with these elements!

Ultimately the simplicity speaks to the designer’s restraint and thoughtfulness in the pieces.  There is clear intention behind her decisions.

There are some truly standout pieces in this collection that I look forward to getting a closer look at once they hit the stores (and with the mass appeal Tibi has garnered, I am sure they will be everywhere!).  And while I am usually shy about big color, I can’t deny the appeal of the pieces (I especially like the skirt!).  Then again, if I find myself timid, there are plenty of black & white options (that dress is totally me and those trousers may be calling my name)!


Alright, enough about my thoughts on the clothes!  What do you think of Tibi Resort 2013?


Images via Style.com / Courtesy of Tibi


  1. spot on Tibi! Neon skirt: need; checkered pants: you quiero; red suit: yes, it’s all perfection!

  2. I love it! Especially that skirt! How fabulous is it? :) xoxo

  3. I love the primary colors and that skirt is amazing!!!!!

  4. I like Tibi and can see wearing a few of the pieces, but I’m probably going to be going for some of the other big Resort 13 colors since I’m such a fan of aqua lately.

    xo Mary Jo

  5. That skirt immediately grabbed my attention. It’s obnoxious. I must have it.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. I love the skirt, but the others don’t look like I could wear them. colors are fun.

  7. I’m not much on red, but that red suit is killer. Serious and eye catching at the same time.

  8. That neon skirt is awesome! The other items, however, are really not my style, but the bold colors are definitely eye-catching.

  9. Gosh, I just love seeing the bright colors this season!

  10. You’ll be amazed but I only just heard about Tibi. That suit has such amazing lines! I wonder if they have it in another colour but red. The trousers just look so chic and flattering…Could seriously mix in some pattern with this.

  11. The skirt is absolutely awesome.

  12. Giovanna says:

    Love this collection! The neon skirt is ridiculous! Obsessed!


  13. I like the clean lines and voluminous skirts (I’m not quite sure if I’d wear one though). But the checkered detail dress is gorgeous!

  14. That skirt is gorgeous – as is the top with it. And I love the red suit!

  15. Love TIBI… so feminine but totally has a very strong feel to it as well.

  16. As a fan of bold hues, the primary color pieces immediately stand out. Love the vibrance!

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