Beach Bags

After I shared Balenciaga’s Fall 2012 Ad Campaign I think some of you thought I gave up on summer.  But don’t worry!  I haven’t!  And to prove it I thought I would share something near and dear to my heart today: beach bags.

Why beach bags?  For the obvious reason, they mean a trip to the beach!  I think the beach is another great opportunity to express personal style.  Yes, there is typically less clothing than what is worn say at the office, but there are often more accessories!  From towels, to hats, to sunglasses—I could go on and on.  But I won’t.  Instead I will show you a few beach bag options.  From nylon to burlap to straw, one of these is sure to please:

Beach Bags:
Marc by Marc Jacobs “Pretty Nylon Medium Tote”
CXXVI “Tote with Black Chambray Lining and Leather Handles in Burlap”
Mar Y Sol “Valencia Oversized Tote”

Have you made it to the beach this summer?


  1. Great beach bags! I just returned from the beach in San Diego. While there I thought about your wonderful photo’s. **sigh** I didn’t bring my camera but I brought my beach bag!

  2. ah, I could go for a beach right now! I have been in a huge vintage-y mood and that CXXVI bag speaks to me! Love it :-)

  3. Nice! Mine are usually cheap, colorful things from target, but it would be nice to go up a notch!

  4. Nice color and style.

  5. Haven’t made it. Poor planning. Maybe next year.

    Those bags are so pretty, I’m afraid I might get them dirty. I’m fairly rough.

  6. Oh, I am drawn to that middle bag a lot… I need to go to the beach and just people watch one of these days to see the accessories they carry…

  7. Yes, we made it to the beach few times so far this summer….beach days keep me sane in this heat :)

  8. I agree, I love a good beach bag! Love Mar Y Sol, they always have fab stuff. I have a Target color blocked backpack and this other giant tote from a Main screen printer that I love, but I could always use more, ha! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

    p.s. I think you have the perfect face for cat-eye sunnies!

  9. Really love those bags! :)

    Kaye Awatin
    Blog: • Twitter: @thestyleflux

  10. You have what it takes to make this blog a success!

  11. Marc by Marc Jacobs always has the cutest casual bags.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Love these bags! You know, I was just thinking today, that 1.) I need to go to the beach and 2.) Why the heck don’t I bring beach bags to the beach anymore? I mean each of my kids have their own bag, plus food and umbrellas and chairs. . .I know why I don’t have one. . .too much stuff! But, to be honest, I should anyway because I just end up dropping all my stuff (sunglasses, phone, book, etc.) into someone else’s bag and then I can never find it. So next trip, I’m bringing my own bag, hopefully as cute as the ones above, and I’ll show those beachcombers how to be stylish even if you have 900 kids:)

  13. When I take a beach bag I typically go for colour or something like burlap/canvas styles. I really love that Marc Jacobs one, but adore the CXXVI style more … that one caught my eye!

  14. I have not been to the beach yet this summer! I have some cute beach bags and totes lying around in the closet that are just waiting to be used. Ahh….how I need a vacation soon!

  15. These are some cute bags! I have several that I have been rockin’. Don’t you just love summer?!

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