Small Statements

I feel terrible.  I seem to have been completely neglecting my NoH readers!  I promise, I have neither loss interest nor love for you guys.  Instead I have something brewing.  It just isn’t time to reveal that quite yet.  SOON.  I promise, very soon!

But today I wanted to share something small with you.  Literally.

Lately, I have found myself playing a lot more with accessories and I have to share this ring I just found:

It is the Adina Mills Design “Fuschite Pinky Ring.”  And while I would probably wear it on a ring or index finger (I have tiny fingers!), I can’t help but love the handmade rustic quality of it.


Tell me, do you love small statement pieces?


  1. That is a really interesting ring. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of project you have cooking up!

  2. That is one really cool ring, have not seen something that rustically handmade in a long time, love it!

  3. Ooooooh! that is EXQUISITE!
    Must follow your link and see what else she does!

    I adore rings, can only wear on my left hand now, and have 10 crowded on there that I wear all the time!

  4. Interested to see what you have up your sleeve, I’ll be waiting! I’m a big fan of small statement pieces they really do make such an impact. That is a really unique pieces you found I love that it’s very earthy.

  5. I love this ring Alexis! The only statement piece I own is an oversized rose quartz ring blown out of a gem in one piece and so the ring you posted is just my cup of tea.

    p.s. I can see how skinny jeans would be your every day jean because you have the perfect proportions for them–sigh, they are so hard to wear for the rest of us!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Oh, I’m looking forward to hearing more about your fabulous brew! I like the colour of this ring. Yes, I have a few small statement pieces.

  7. The past 6 months I have been drawn to jewelry more and more. I go to the homemade craft vendors at artisan fairs, and look for that specialty ring design. I have become a huge fan of London Mondari (I hope I didn’t spell that wrong!)

  8. I always love others’ but I have a hard time seeing accessories for their potential when I’m shopping.

  9. Oh man. I’ve gotten picky on rings. But this. Oh, this one is amazing. Its so unique and beautiful. I, too, love the rustic, natural feel.

  10. It’s not easy to keep up this crazy bloggers lifestyle! Don’t worry about it.
    Love your ring.

  11. It’s very unique piece, I do love the rustic look :)

  12. I really like that ring. Definitely a conversation piece.

  13. Very cool – it’s something I definitely would have chosen.
    I’m fond of long necklaces and chunky bracelets. Anything with a Celtic or handmade look always catches my eye.

  14. AAAAAHHHHH!!! I love this ring. But probably not for the same reason as you. It reminds me of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I would wear this ring until my finger wore out:) I LOVE IT!

  15. I love a statement ring. I have a few that I wear alone with my outfits. When it’s just a dress, shoes and a statement ring, I seem to get more compliments.

  16. There’s nothing more fun than an small statement piece. A statement piece for your pinky? I’m in! Cuteness!!

  17. cant wait to see what your cooking!! youre so awesome A!! really grateful for all your support!! this ring is so beautiful!! statement rings are def a fave of mine?

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