Summer’s Silky Shorts

Okay.  Today I miss LA.  And that probably even goes for people in the US who’ve never even been!  As the rest of the country undergoes a heat wave (something like 20 states are under advisory!), Los Angeles is enjoying 78* Degree weather.   Alas, I need to move on.

Helping me do so is my wardrobe.  With heat approaching (and in some places reaching) 3 digit temperatures, less is definitely more.  But just because I am wearing less doesn’t mean I want to be less stylish.  The key is picking lightweight, visually interesting pieces.

And that is where today’s topic comes in: lightweight silky shorts.  These can be dressed up or down without wearing you down.  Look for shorts that play with color and/or print in order create visual interest and sophistication.  Pair with cute sandals (flats, heels or wedges all work!) and a summery top.  This is important because the soft shape could be seen as sloppy if not thoughtfully styled (think old-school running shorts).

Not sure what I mean?  Here are a few of my silky shorts picks:

Summer’s Silky Shorts:
Rebecca Taylor “Studded Leopard Shorts”
Alice + Olivia “Butterfly Shorts”
Haute Hippie “Drawstring Shorts”

Tell me, how do/would you style your silky shorts?


  1. Omy gosh! I definitely love those shorts!

    Kaye Awatin
    Twitter: @thestyleflux

  2. I like the purple one!

  3. Those are such cute picks!

  4. Im in love with the Haute Hippie shorts!! they look fab and super comfy!! a mom in hot miami needs silk!!

  5. I hear ya on the missing LA… Here Miami is really hot and short like that are perfect!

  6. Cute, definitely cute. =)

  7. I haven’t ventured to silky shorts so far, they can be very tricky. I’m sticking to silk dresses and skirts and cotton and linen shorts this summer. :)

  8. I seriously can’t get enough of A+O and those shorts are nothing short of fabulous.

  9. Very cute! I’m not sure my legs are up for shorts anymore, but maybe I can find some longer ones. The only shorts I own right now are home-made cut offs!

  10. I think you put this post together for me! I’m obsessed with shorts, especially silky ones… Sigh :)

  11. I can’t decide which I like best – they’re all so pretty, silky, and comfortable looking!

  12. I think these are a great choice when the weather is really hot like it is in the US right now. But I must add that you do need a good set of pins to pull them off.

  13. Since it’s still cool in my area, I love to pair with a slouchy sweater and killer heels. Love the balance of showing some leg and covering up the top part of the body. L.A. misses you!

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