The Chicago Lakefront

I haven’t had the opportunity to share much of my photography lately (too caught up in the moving/unpacking business!), but I wanted to share some Chicago lakefront shots from yesterday.  It is so much fun to capture the world around me, as it always impacts my perspective.

The Chicago lakefront is kind of amazing, because it is truly downtown.  The below photos are all from the same location, just facing different directions.  I took them after 9 pm last night and I couldn’t believe how many people were actually in the water!

Boats on Lake Michigan

The Chicago skyline from the lake

Navy Pier At Night

Nightswimming in Lake Michigan


Hopefully you had a fantastic 4th… share your favorite moment below!


  1. That first shot is beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July celebration. :)

  2. I actually went back to re-read that you wrote those pictures were taken in the same location and just facing different directions. That is really amazing! So much going on, so much stimulation, all around you, and it really is just gorgeous!

  3. It looks gorgeous Alexis. Being up on the Rooftop in Laguna is always my favorite spot, especially on the 4th, but we also hit the Sawdust Festival, took in Ted and had a bbq…so all in all a good 4th. Looks like yours was fab!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Amazingly beautiful pictures. I wish had been there for my 4th of July.

  5. Such pretty snaps thanks for sharing!

  6. These are wonderful shots! I love the shot of the people at the lakefront. Great city captures as well. Thanks for sharing. xo

  7. What a view! We had a really low key holiday in this tiny little “town.” We didn’t even see any fireworks. But the company was grwat and the food delicious.
    We’ll be on our way back home Saturday, so we’ll be in your neck of the woods around 3:30!

  8. OMG looks stunning! I want to go to Chicago so bad.

  9. Amazing that all the photos are taken in the same area! So much going on. I haven’t made it to Chicago *yet*. {You wouldn’t mind if the 7 of us bunk with you two for a while would you? }

  10. Yep… this is why I love Chicago. It has absolutely everything, right in one spot. It’d be the perfect city if it didn’t get so damn cold in the winter!

  11. Beautiful pics, Alexis! We love watching fireworks from our boat….it’s the best spot in the house:)

  12. My husband says it wasn’t the pretty in 1970’s when he lived there. It looks nice now though!

  13. Wow, what an amazing view. Hope you’re enjoying being in the heart of Chicago even if it is so blasted hot down there right now!

  14. Wow, what stunning scenery. I have to explore Chicago someday!

  15. Lovely pictures! Hope you had a great 4th July celeberation :-)

  16. That is really nice. I know you are excited about your future in such a beautiful city.

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