Anti-Frump: The Rachel Zoe Fall Booties

Thank goodness for fall boots.  Especially great statement pieces like The Rachel Zoe Fall Booties.

Allow me to explain:

As I previously alluded to, fall fashion is a challenge this year.  I am avoiding maternity clothing like the plague.   The thought of being frumpy frightens me.  Now I know not all maternity clothing is frumpy (my mom bought me a dress that I suspect will become a favorite piece during the next couple of months and I bought a skirt from TopShop’s maternity line that I actually really like), but somehow the over all effect tends to be.

Plus, let’s be honest, calling up your chicest friends to discuss a pair of really cool paneled maternity leggings probably isn’t going to happen.

Fortunately, I am still participating in accessories.  And while my eldest sister doesn’t think 5 inch heels are appropriate in my state (she may be right- but if Victoria Beckham could do it…), it is pieces like the Rachel Zoe fall booties that will keep me chic and anything but frumpy.

Here are three of my favorite styles:

The Booties:
Rachel Zoe “Audrey Suede Booties”
Rachel Zoe “Dora High Heel Booties”
Rachel Zoe “Pamela Haircalf Booties”

Tell me, do you love these Rachel Zoe fall booties as much as I do? And (if you’ve been pregnant) do you have any secrets to keep from looking frumpy?


  1. I adore boots, just bought a few over the weekend. haha, well, I can’t imagine you being frump anything so these are great selections. My favourite is the “Dora” style!

  2. Happymother says:

    I love her design but I could never wear these shoes. I agree with your sister;-)))) You will always look beautiful!

  3. Pregnancy is over very fast. Don’t worry too much about the frump. There will always be another fall! I recommend you get yourself a nice pair of maternity jeans and forget about it. But a great pair of shoes does a lot for any outfit. Just remember your feet will swell, and most women go up half a shoe size during pregnancy. The bones move, so you’ll never get your old, smaller, feet back.

  4. I really love boots. Really, really. And all other fall fashion. Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I really enjoy dressing in jeans, sweaters, and boots. Those booties are really great, and I especially like the Pamela Haircalf ones. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Those are super cute I wish I could wear heels around like I used to tho!

  6. Sigh, I can’t even look at booties right now as I am handcuffed from buying a pair of Ferragamo booties that I fell in love with this weekend. Somehow I doubt you are going to look frumpy during pregnancy Alexis!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. What a timely post! I stopped off at lunch today and I browsed along a store and looked at their boots thinking how I needed a new adorable pair.

    I’m really liking the style of grey boots lately.

  8. Yes I need need need those fall booties. You will never look frumpy and aren’t booties more stable than high shoes? (If you ever need justification come to me!)

  9. i love them!!! can’t wait for fall shoes 😀

    very nice post dear!!
    kisses <3

  10. I can’t imagine you looking frumpy! And, as someone above said, pregnancy is over surprisingly fast. As for boots- I love love them. I think my favorite pair is the middle one :-)

  11. Oh, those boots are gorgeous!

    Kaye Awatin

  12. I have to say with any of my pregnancies did I wear maternity clothing or give up high heels. I guess I have been lucky. I never had swollen feet and I didn’t gain lots of weight.

  13. Any of these will keep you as far away from frumpy as possible! Love them all! And I have a hard time believing that you would ever be anything close to frumpy :) xoxo

  14. YEEEES, these are all gorgeous! Love the middle ones in particular. I haven’t had an autumn or winter for a few years now, so am looking forward to getting back into boots and cute hats and coats soon!

  15. Oh my gosh you can so rock those 5 inch heels, even pregnant. I say go for it!

  16. Wow the middle ones are sexual, really classy and chic. I applaud you for rocking 5 inch heels though while pregnant though, like you said, if Victoria Beckham can do it….so can you!

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