Harper’s Bazaar Australia

To follow up Monday’s post on the Fall 2012 Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign, I thought I would share the September cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia with you.


Well, first off it features another one of those fantastic Fall 2012 Louis Vuitton looks.

And second, I just sort of love it.

Harper's Bazaar Australia

I think Marc Jacobs found a quirkiness in this collection (again I say, the hats!), so the tag line “The New Elegance” feels strangely perfect.

Plus, model Constance Joblanski is a favorite of mine, (see HERE) and something about her expression draws me in.

What do you think of this September cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia?


  1. Yes, the tagline does seem perfect!!

  2. I think this is a beautiful cover! I love the detailing and color of this dress.

  3. hi dear!
    it’s been a long time since i last checked your blog hope you are doing great :)
    i love this cover it is so chic and old time classy 😀

    kisses <3

  4. Gorgeous, I love it! And that shade of purple is one of my fav fall colors!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. That hat is amazing. Over the top, not practical in the least, and just astounding. Definitely quirky, and I love it.

  6. I totally love that hat. Really I do. I’m sure I’d never find the occasion to wear such a creation, but…. Very chic cover with a modern yet retro look.

  7. i love it when they choose a full ready to wear and make it on the front cover

  8. I love seeing a model on the cover of a magazine. Oh how I miss that. Now it’s all celebrities and it feels like something is missing. The outfit is fabulous, especially the hat, but the model somehow conveys that’s she will be wearing that hat later in the day. She makes it believable and relevant. Love it!

  9. That hat IS ridiculously fun!

  10. I think it’s adorable…:)

  11. Absolutely the HATS in the collection … I love and want them all!

  12. I love Constance expression, she saying “Are you kidding me?”. The hat is ridiculously divine!

  13. Im sorry but not a fan! :/ shes beautiful and the outfit is amazing but dont like the combo between the background color and the purple. It doesnt blen well to my eyes, but then again Im no expert!
    The detailing of the dress and hats are gorg!!

  14. That is a really cool cover shot! What a fantastic hat.

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