Heavyweight: The Vogue 2012 September Issue

It’s Friday! My mom is coming to town this weekend for some baby-centric activity (1st grandchild and all!) and I have some last minute things to get down before her flight lands.  BUT, before I go, I wanted to share the Vogue 2012 September Issue.

Ah, yes.  The legendary September Issue.  This is the issue that outweighs all other issues of the fashion behemoth.  And this year, the weight is not only figurative, but also literal.  Rumor has it the magazine comes in at a whopping 4.5 lbs!  (I say rumor, because I canceled all magazine subscriptions prior to my move and haven’t yet had the chance to get my hands on a copy…).  Now, that is a lot of glossy.

This of course has evoked a lot of debate.  And for a change cover girl Lady Gaga is not the center of the conversation.  Instead it is the 658 pages worth of ads.

Go ahead.  Read that sentence again.

Yes, the Vogue 2012 September Issue has 658 pages of ads.

That is a whole lot of perfume and handbags.  Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE a good fashion campaign, but it is to the point where I have to wonder- when is it too much?  At what point have we sacrifice quality content and clear messaging for profit?


I don’t have an answer for these questions.  But maybe you do!  So please, share your thoughts on the subject….


  1. I can only imagine the amount of ads that designers and companies sent in in order to have an ad in the September issue of Vogue, it’s pretty much like the Superbowl of fashion mags, but just because you have the capacity to make a lot of money in ads from a slew of people who want space in your magazine does not mean that you should fill your magazine with 658 pages of ads. That is ridiculous and I have a really hard time coming up with an excuse for it. 658 pages. Wow.

    Lady Gaga looks incredible on the cover, though. I think that she looks her best when she isn’t caked in makeup or in some outlandish getup. She has so much natural beauty that I would love to see showcased more. She looks great.

  2. i hv been always missed other months issues of Vogue but every September no matter how pricey or heavy this mag are its worth every single pennies u spent on.

  3. I just picked mine up a few days ago and have been so busy that it’s just languishing on my coffee table. It’s my weekend goal to get to it. Have a wonderful time with your mom this weekend, she must be so excited!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. I need to see this! Ha, I love looking at fashion ads. They inspire me. Just the photography and the art and styling that goes into them intrigues me!

  5. September is always the best issue of the year ! Need to pick up mine !
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  6. When this september issue landed with a thud through my mailbox I was really excited. It was huge! To me this is another sign that maybe the recession is over, or will be over soon. Let’s hope so! If all those companies feel optimistic enough to place so many ads in one of the most expensive publications it says something good.
    And the magazine is filled with great editorials too. I’m thrilled by it! Haven’t gotten this excited over a magazine in a long time.

  7. I think Holly is right with the Super Bowl of fashion but I’ve never been much for Vogue I might have to start peaking through it.

  8. I still remember getting this issue when I was younger, now probably the one Vogue issue that I just have to read. I finished mine the other day, and loved the cover! I hope you’re enjoying family time. -xo

  9. I normally don’t mind ads in Vogue because they’re usually super pretty and classy, but 600+ is much too much! Also, I’m disappointed that Lady Gaga is the covergirl for the, what, third time in a year? I dunno, I’m not impressed and won’t be picking this one up. :( Just my two cents!

  10. This issue, omg!

    You presented a great question over the number of ads. I have NO idea there were that many pages. My issue came last week and I’ve flipped through it a few times: it honestly feels like a catalog of the fall ad campaigns. I’m really okay with that, because I’ve not been paying any attention to the fall campaigns so it’s been a fun way to see them in their entirety (Mulberry, for example, has a several-page spread that’s inspired by Where The Wild Things Are – love it!). On the other hand, quite a few times I’ve been reading an article and it’s abruptly interrupted by pages upon pages of ads and advertorial articles; it’s kind of annoying when I’m trying to focus on a specific part of the magazine. So I guess it depends on what you’re looking to get out of it. I’d definitely like to know the grand total Vogue made on their ads in this issue, though, versus the money they put into it. I’d just be curious to compare the numbers.

  11. You know what, I totally agree that 658 pages is maybe a smidge OTT!! It’s the same with the interior design mags – they have to include ads as that’s their main source of revenue, right?! But too many ads and you’re left feeling totally ripped off and dissatisfied by the mag.

    Looks like a fun edition though, love Gaga on the cover!

  12. I agree with Holly the September issue is like the Super Bowl. It is the one time of the year that advertisers know that readers want to see those ads. We long for this time of year when the September issues of magazines hit our mailboxes and the stands.

  13. I’m sure your mom is beyond excited about the baby… so much fun!!! Enjoy your time together!

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