Alberta Ferretti S/S 2013 Collection

The Alberta Ferretti S/S 2013 Collection shown yesterday during Milan Fashion Week had a magical quality about it.  Now, I realize that is a major claim to make especially in the very first sentence of a review.  But it is true.

Ferretti, who drew inspiration from the sea, created a collection and a show that almost seemed to suggest mermaids emerging from the sea to walk on land.  And I promise, it wasn’t just the models’ wetted back hair and the blue lighting that painted this imagery.

The enchanted world was created in Ferretti’s carefully constructed designs.  From the coral like beading to the luminous fabric choices the references are clear.  Despite the collections clear inspiration, this was not the case of ready-to-wear being replaced by costumes.  Many of the pieces, while perhaps a bit risqué for some, seem to possess a wearable appeal.

I found the color scheme of this collection both moody and soft, another nod to an underwater realm.  I am a fan of the blues and loved the varied shades shown throughout.  These watery shades were joined by sheer blacks and effervescent champagnes, which contributed to the overall mood of the collection.

The Alberta Ferretti S/S 2013 gowns will surely appear on future red carpets and the cocktail dresses will also win admirers.  But I also believe the extremely sheer blouses will find wider appeal than may be expected at first glance.  Under suiting or part of a special evening ensemble, these tops feel much more elegant than racy (as the amount of flesh revealed may suggest).  I also loved the silk shorts, which despite having a distinctly dressy quality to them felt both easy and accessible.

Well, what do you think?  Do you hear the siren’s call?  Are you drawn to the Alberta Ferretti S/S 2013 sea-inspired collection?


Images of the Alberta Ferretti S/S 2013 Collection via / Filippo Fior /



  1. What an interesting collection. Very unique and really stands out from some of the others you have shown.

    You know, i don’t know if I know this about you or not, but wondering who your top fave designers are =)

  2. I am in love with this collection! Love the sheers, silky shorts, the beading, the organic-form lace, everything! It inspires me

  3. Even though some parts are sheer, I agree there is a sort of sophistication to the styles. I especially love the (5th style)navy blue outfit. Wearable and sexy.

  4. I see the magical mermaid inspiration for sure!

  5. Love this collection, she is always one of my favorites whether she blows in or out of fashion–nobody does magical draping like Alberta!
    xo Mary Jo

  6. Oh how beautiful. They’re works of art!

  7. i love this collection so much :)


  8. looooooooooooooooveit.


  9. I love this sea-inspired collection, the sheerness/flowiness of the fabric and the colors are all so gorgeous :)

  10. WOW! Magical to say the least. I’m in awe.I love these dresses, they are totes works of art.

  11. they look like gowns made for Grecian Goddesses. Very pretty. I especially love the coral patterns and vibrant colors.

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