Escada S/S 2013 Collection

If we are being honest, I am not historically a huge Escada fan.  I tend to be more restrained than the eye-catching brand.  But “Restraint” seems to be the theme of the Escada S/S 2013 Collection.

The pieces in this presentation are thoughtful and more simple than your typical Escada fare.  Yes there is color and texture and even luxury.  But in a way that I find accessible even to someone with a less flashy aesthetic.

Take a look and judge for yourself:

In my mind, the greatest detail here is the manipulated leather.  Seen in both the first and the final image, I love the softness that is brought to the garment by using the leather in a non-traditional way.

As for the other garments, these don’t require a catwalk or a showoff to find a place in my heart.  In fact I think the suit would be welcome in any office, the green blouse and patterned pants is an ideal casual outfit and the sheath dress could take the most discerning fashionista through her day.

But these are just my thoughts!  Tell me what is your favorite element from the Escada S/S 2013 Collection?



Images via of Escada


  1. great collection!! love the green blouse!

    kisses <3

  2. I was drawn to that coat in the first pic the most. And the bright green top… very simple to me this year (granted, I have no idea what they’ve done in years past!)

  3. They’re very pretty! Like you said restrained and rather classic. I like!

  4. wow, you definitely picked some great pieces–I love the second look and second to last–not what I usually expect from Escada!

    xo mary jo

  5. This is actually really refreshing and great to see in the fashion world. Accessibility and appealing to people with a more restrained sense of taste can go a long way, especially when you can picture yourself wearing an outfit to work or for a casual night out. One of my biggest issues as I have been getting more and more into fashion is the fact that I am seeing so many garments on catwalks and thinking ‘Now where would ANYONE actually wear that?” The green blouse and patterned pants are my absolute favorite of all the pictures. It’s totally right up my alley.

  6. The last one is gorgeous. If only I had an occasion/place to wear such a pretty little piece.

  7. Oh these are great selections but I have always liked Escada. I love the rich styles and textures.

  8. The entire collection is gorgeous and everything except the last dress would make great daily wardrobe in my opinion. Dress is gorgeous for evening wear.

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