Honor S/S 2013 Collection

There seem to be more fashion houses to discover with every fashion week, and this is no exception.  One label that I am still getting to know is Honor.  Designed by Giovanna Randall, the Honor S/S 2013 Collection was one of Thursday’s shows that I just keep coming back to.

Looking at the slides I couldn’t help but get that feminine springtime feeling, which comes with melted snow and tulips.  You know, it is that something that can leave even the toughest woman feeling just a touch girlie.  Flower prints, feminine hues, silk tops and bell skirts come together in this collection and leave just about everyone feeling like a lady.

 And while honestly, if things are sweet with no edge I tend to get a toothache, the Honor show offered just enough of the unexpected (I especially loved the blouse in the second image and the daring plunge of the third neckline) to keep me intrigued.

I also think the styling of the Honor S/S 2013 show does the collection’s pieces a service.  The models’ hair was pulled back and they were dressed in flat sandals.  This offered just enough restraint to keep this real world feminine.

So, does the Honor S/S 2013 Collection leave you with a sugar high?  Or do you crave something a bit tougher?


Images via Style.com by Marcus Tondo/ Indigital Italia



  1. I like what you have shown of this collection a lot–especially the fourth look. The whole thing just makes me very happy, especially the pants, which look not only beautiful, but also really comfortable.

  2. I would definitely wear some of these — right up my alley! Pinning the second look!!

  3. Lovely collection….it is just a bit of sugar high. I love the 4th and 5th look….I would love to own those 4 pieces.

  4. Love the printed balon skirts. Very chic, but I wonder just how unflattering that shape and length would be on an average woman.

  5. That’s why I love fashion week, many reasons, but always a new pool of talent showcased. I agree with the styling and the last look is striking with the pink skirt. -xx ~M

  6. Love that you chose to cover Honor. It is such a pretty show and I agree, just the right balance of feminine but not too sweet.

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Deffinitely loving this one! I’ve always been a very big fan of feminine things & these skirts are just PERFECT! ♥

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