Jill Stuart S/S 2013 Collection

I thought I knew Jill Stuart.  Her designs have always been quirky and sweet and fun.  But the Jill Stuart S/S 2013 Collection took me by serious surprise.  Like I would never ever have guest this was her collection.

Yes- it still possessed a distinctly feminine viewpoint.  But, this was not your girl-next-door.  This was a glamorous starlet.  And I was pleasantly surprised by the maturity of the collection.

There was lace, silk, satin and sequins.  The tones ranged from deeper rusty blushes to soft creams and a few surprises in between- different from last spring’s candy colored concoctions.  Also there was a change in length with many pieces falling below the knee and extending to the ground.  This was a shift from some of the shorter playful pieces I had come to expect from Jill Stuart.

Over all I liked the new look and feel and felt that it was a maturing of the label.  In fact, I think I am ready to join this grown up movement.  What about you?  Are you ready to embrace the more mature Jill Stuart S/S 2013 Collection?


Images via Style.com / Alessandro Viero/ GoRunway.com



  1. I love it …. not crazy about the black outfit tho x

  2. That 4th dress is just stunning!

  3. I’m not the biggest Jill Stuart fan, but this collection is bold and daring and I like it a lot. It’s really grown and sexy. The lace top in the first picture is stunning!

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  4. Not my favorite collection, but I’m intriqued by that second outfit!

  5. I was really drawn to the first outfit, and as I was out shopping last week noticed how big sequins were this season..

  6. I would say that I appreciate Jill Stuart collections. I like the trousers in the first outfit. It’s nice sometimes when a designer that you follow surprises you in such an unexpected way.

  7. I would definitely wear the sequined top and satin trousers.

  8. That one shouldered duck egg blue dress is divine!! And the shimmery silver top too, just gorgeous!

    Have a fab week dear xo

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