Mandy Coon S/S 2013 Collection

Most of the collections I’ve profiled from Fashion Week have a decidedly softer feel to them.  This isn’t surprising.  After all they are spring collections and after a long harsh winter every one is ready to take the edge off.  Right?  But Mandy Coon isn’t everyone.  And she certainly isn’t one to do something just because it is expected.  No.  Her aesthetic is decidedly tough and the Mandy Coon S/S 2013 Collection remained true to it.

The collection includes leather, zippers, sharp cutouts, but these details didn’t result in a stiff feeling.  Instead there was great movement in the pieces that added balance and interest.  I also applaud the use of color, which included bright reds and purples, allowing for some unexpected energy.

But enough of my ramblings!  Take a look for yourself:

I really like the first and second looks, because despite the tough girl leather, there is a distinct playfulness. What a great balance!  Of course that purple dress makes a fantastic statement as well- if only I had somewhere to wear it!

Tell me, what do you think of the Mandy Coon S/S 2013 Collection?  Do you like a tougher aesthetic in spring?


Images via / Marcus Tonodo/



  1. wow, I am speechless. I can’t get enough of leather recently, and although my legs aren’t cut for that hotsuit, these pieces seem perfectly tailored (love those dresses!). Thank you for opening my eyes to a fabulous designer!

  2. STUNNING….all of them! My fav is the last one. Dramatic fierce and AMAZING!!!! Great blog :)
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  3. Okay, that’s a really fun collecton!!!

  4. Beautiful. I can’t decide whether I like # 1, 3, or 5 best. Though I’d never actually wear #1 #3 looks so soft, and #5 is striking. Funny too, I usually prefer bright colors – but for some reason these appeal to me.

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